Cover FX's 'Nude Is Not Beige' Campaign Is Your Needed Dose Of Beauty Realness

by Kali Borovic
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The demand for diversity in the makeup world is more fierce than ever. New brands, including Rihanna's Fenty Beauty, are being specifically created to champion diversity, but even well-known brands are getting in on the push for inclusion.

Cover FX, for example, has just launched the "Nude Is Not Beige" campaign to highlight the problem with calling a light shade of beige "nude." Cover FX already has 40 different shades of their Natural Finish Foundation, but they're not stopping there commitment to racial diversity there. The brand is rolling out the new campaign featuring women of all skin tones to show what the term "nude" really represents.

To put it simply, the problem with the word "nude" is that it's often used in relation to white skin. But your perfect "nude" tone, whatever that is, is most likely different than the girl sitting next to you or the guy sitting next to her. As Cover FX has boldly stated, "nude" is not beige. It can be, but it's not exclusively.

"Natural Finish Foundation has always been a cult-favorite foundation among influencers, pros, and beauty insiders," Steph So, Cover FX's chief marketing officer, told Allure. "Our goal with the 'Nude is Not Beige' campaign is to share this incredible product more broadly. We hope this messaging will empower women to uncover their best beauty in a formula perfectly matched to their skin, made with the high standard of safe ingredients Cover FX is known for."

All 40 shades of Cover FX's Natural Finish Foundation are available right now on the Sephora website. The colors range from porcelain to deep, rich brown. The majority of shades come in a radiant finish, while a handful across the spectrum are also available in natural finish.

It's important to note that the brand isn't just celebrating a new product of theirs. The Natural Finish Foundation has been out for quite a while now, but the brand is choosing to amp up the campaign to spread an inclusive message.

While this campaign doesn't ban the word "nude," it's encouraging Cover FX fans to challenge their ideas of "nude" tones. Because the best things in life — and the beauty world — are up for interpretation.