This Drugstore Lip Tint Is Less Than $7 & Feels Like The Most Expensive Lip Product I Own

Like many a penny-pinching millennial, I love a good trip to the drugstore. Sure, maybe you went in to grab some tampons or a toothbrush, but then you walk out with 16 new lipsticks, a journal, and three bags full of discounted Halloween candy. It's a virtual cornucopia of affordable entertainment. And, forget whatever you've heard, because anywhere that can sell you both makeup and cookie dough is without question better than any other place you've been. I love discovering a new drug store favorite, too. There are certainly always some misses when trying out new products, but when you find a hit, it's like winning a small jackpot. COVERGIRL's new Vitalist Elixir Lip Oil is the newest hit in my book.

One of the new products released in conjunction of COVERGIRL's January 2018 rebranding (complete with brand new packaging), the lip oils are totally different than any other drugstore product I've tried. I am a lip tint apologist, but not because the lip tints I love are abundant — because the ones I do find are so rare and fantastic. And when I do, they tend not to be something that's an affordable monthly purchase. A common, incredibly annoying characteristic of lip tints or oils is that they are sticky. These lip oils glide on easily, providing just the right amount of buildable color and feel straight-up heavenly on your lips. I've had them on my desk since I received them on Jan. 26, and I find myself applying three or four times. The glossy color isn't going to last you through eating lunch, but honestly it feels so good to reapply that you likely won't mind having to give a couple extra swipes post-meal.

Courtesy CoverGIrl

COVERGIRL Vitalist Elixir Lip Oil, $7, Walmart

I tried out the colors melon granita and cherry crush, with melon granita being a flawless everyday shade that is a little bit brighter than a natural lip color and cherry crush being a more deep pink/red shade. The brand is rolling out six in total, though, with the other four being orange zest, grape juice, berry libation, and guava goddess. Believe me when I say I will be purchasing all of them.

Wearing the shade melon granita.

The oils leave a natural, healthy-looking glow on the lips that's like lip gloss without seeming too over-the-top for everyday wear. Plus, the product is easy enough to blend out to something more like a stain than a gloss. Built-up or blended-down, the lip product is great. And the best part is that it is $6.99, while feeling like something that's worth double or even triple that. Plus, this way you can own every color if you, like me, also fall in love.

While the lip oils haven't rolled out in stores just yet, according to a COVERGIRL rep, the product will be headed to stores near you very, very soon (and are currently available online via Walmart), so get those drug store shopping carts ready, my friends.

Me wearing cherry crush.

This may not have the same color pay-off as a liquid lip or glittery gloss in terms of pigment, but this is an everyday item (although worth noting that the darker shades could be layered into a more saturated look). The thing a lot of drugstore everyday items lack is a feeling of luxury — like you're doing something that is good for you. The only information that the COVERGIRL site gives is that the product is "packed with a blend of coconut, pomegranate, Abyssinian and Daikon radish seed oils," and trust me, this make your lips feel hydrated and nourished.

While I already have the above two of the six shades, I'm definitely heading out to buy three more of these lip oils so I can keep them in every important corner of my life — my vanity, bathroom, purse, entryway table. The more, the better.