Creative Toast Recipes That Aren't Just Avocado Toast

Move over avocado: there are some new breakfast toasts in town. Sure, most of us can't ever tire of the good ol' avocado toast, but there are other ways to enjoy the trendy, brunch staple. It's bread, after all. Trying different breakfast toast recipes that include other foods, like fish, spreads, vegetables, and fruits, is a great idea, as it changes things up and keeps the palate surprised and satisfied. Plus, it's a way to get in a spectrum of nutrients that the body needs to thrive.

As a certified health coach, I am all about waking up with a protein-packed, high-fiber slice of bread and topping delight. Whether in the mood for sweet, like a cheese and fruit toast (I love figs or blueberries with burrata or ricotta) or savory (I like goat cheese with pesto and tomato or smoked salmon), you really can't go wrong. Plus, you can always try something new the next day. As long as you get a slice of whole wheat or whole grain, you'll be getting the complex carbs, iron, fiber, and protein you need. Then, add toppings for flavor, protein, and fats to really absorb the nutrients and stay fuller longer. Don't say goodbye to avocado (it's high in all that good stuff!), but step outside your comfort zone to try these other options.

1. Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese

Here's a good one: Swap a bagel for whole wheat toast and load up on the healthy fats. Dr. Mike Varshavski, aka Instagram star Doctor Mike, a New York-based D.O shares a recipe idea: Smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, scallions, and chia seeds on top. Yum.

2. Greek Yogurt Probiotic Toast

This toast by Dr. Mike is rich in probiotics to keep you regular and less bloated in the day. Plus, it's high in protein to keep you full. On one slice of whole grain bread, spread 1/3 cup greek yogurt, a handful of blueberries, and then a drizzle of honey.

3. Banana & Almond Butter

Take the PB&J up a notch with this adult version by Dr. Mike. He recommends spreading almond butter (high in protein and good fats) on a slice of toast and topping with chopped bananas. An added bonus? Sprinkle with chia seeds for some extra fiber, omega 3 fats, and texture.

4. Chocolate & PB Toast

There's nothing wrong with waking up to chocolate, but you don't have to confine this to breakfast: you can always eat this toast as a snack, instead, for when those sweet cravings are at play. Here, Kathlena, The Allergy Chef, shares a recipe: four tsp organic peanut butter or organic Sun Butter, organic dark chocolate, approx. 1/2 ounce, all on a slice of toast.

5. Date & Fruit

Another sweet recipe, Kathlena shares a fruity toast option high in antioxidants to keep the body less inflamed and healthy. Simply spread 6 tsp organic date paste on a slice of whole grain toast, then add two large organic strawberries and 1/2 a medium organic ripe banana on top.

6. Eggs & Salsa

Kathlena recommends another great way to eat eggs on toast. Plop an egg or two sunny-side up on a slice of whole grain bread and then add salsa. Heat factor is up to you, but go spicier for that extra kick.

There's no reason to ditch avocado forever, but have some fun with these different toast options. Plus, you can always add avocado slices on top.