This Kate Middleton-Approved Facial Oil Is 20% Off At Credo Beauty

Credo Beauty's Friends & Family Sale gives shoppers 20% off sitewide.
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The world of clean beauty can be confusing. What does "clean" even mean and how do you know what to shop? Good news, beauty lovers. Credo Beauty's Friends & Family Sale is here, and the retailer has done all the work of finding and vetting clean product for you. Plus, thanks to the sale, you'll be scoring a discount on those finds.

If you've never shopped Credo Beauty before, the online retailer is a curation-based site that specializes in clean beauty. For Credo, the phrase clean doesn't just mean natural or without harmful ingredients (although both of those things go into choosing products for the site). The retailer looks at ingredient sourcing, safety, sustainability, ethics, transparent packaging, and environmental impact before promoting a product. Yes, the brand does also have a list, called "The Dirty List," of toxic and harmful ingredients you can be sure are not in you products.

If you've been searching for a way to add more clean beauty into your routine, shopping Credo is likely one of the easiest and most efficient ways to do it. Plus, thanks to the Friends & Family Sale, you can snag 20% off everything on the site to get your new, clean routine off the ground.

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Don't head over to the website just yet, though. The sale actually begins on Oct. 7, so you've still got a moment to wait. When it does begin, however, it'll be the only chance during the year to shop the website's products, which are the largest collection of clean beauty items offered in the United States, at a discount. As for what's on the site, beauty lovers will see familiar names like Tata Harper, Goop, Herbivore, and Indie Lee. Plus, there are also some viral products you can snag while you shop those names.

In September, creator of brand Beuti Leila Aalam discovered from palace sources that her Beauty Sleep Elixir was allegedly a favorite of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. It's not just a favorite of the Middleton's, though. The Duchess had reportedly been sharing the product with her sister-in-law Meghan Markle. Now, it's a staple for both.

Guess where you can buy this clean beauty find? Credo Beauty.

If you want to get skin like a Duchess for a price that won't also buy you a diamond tiara, Credo Beauty's Friends & Family Sale should definitely go on your calendar.