Where Are The Best Places To Shop Green Beauty?

by Jodie Layne

So, you just found out that there's lead in your lipstick and that your favorite mascara is tested on animals. What are you supposed to use now? Switching to a natural beauty routine is a move that more and more people are making, but many of them are left wondering where to shop for natural beauty products along the way.

With sulfate-free shampoos and cruelty free skincare arguably becoming more ubiquitous, it's actually easier than you might think to find some favorite stores and brands. The Internet is becoming flooded with specialty shops, too. There's even one that has its sights set on becoming "the Sephora of natural beauty." Uh, yes please!

It's important to remember, though, that the terms "natural" and "green" aren't regulated by the FDA. According to the FDA's website, "[The FDA] doesn’t have regulations defining 'natural' or 'organic' for cosmetics. All cosmetic products and ingredients must meet the same safety requirement, regardless of their source." So be sure to read up on what's in the stuff you're slathering on your face.

From my research, the below shops carefully select and curate their products to meet strict standards, so I'd recommend starting with these nine natural beauty destinations.

1. Eco Diva Beauty

Ilia Beauty Lipsticks, $26, Eco Diva Beauty

Eco Diva Beauty is one of the first sources for green beauty that I found when I started my switch to vegan beauty products. This Canadian-based online retailer features complimentary North American shipping on purchases over $75, carries everything from skincare to cosmetics to baby products, and has really advanced search functions that make shopping easier all around.

2. Rodale's

Rodale's is a new favorite of mine for shopping organic self care and beauty products. It carries a perfect mix of cult favorites like Aquarian Soul, classic staples like Dr. Bronner's, and up-and-coming faves like Axiology Vegan Lipsticks. You can also buy all sorts of better-for-you (and the earth) products here — from food to toothpaste — which makes me trust that everything Rodale's carries is truly good for me.

3. Credo

This site is a treasure trove of organic beauty products and is nearly encyclopedic when it comes to natural, green beauty brands. It's also the place to go to get educated on how to make the switch, with a whole section devoted to "clean product swaps." It even has a brick-and-mortar location in San Francisco that houses a Tata Harper Spa, utilizing one of the most luxurious non-toxic lines out there. Heaven? I think so.

4. is basically the kind of drugstore you wish you could peruse for hours. Its natural self care product selection is outstanding, it has a low free shipping threshold, it features tons of new indie brands, and its prices are competitive. also utilizes an icon system that allows you to indicate items that are eco-friendly, vegan, or gluten free (among others).

TBH, I mostly just love that I can order tampons, lipstick, animal crackers, body scrub, toothpaste, and dog shampoo in the same package.

5. Pemberley Jones

Pemberley Jones used to be a green beauty blogger and she finally opened up a shop of her very own last year. Because of her years of trying all of the newest, hottest products, I trust that what she's chosen to sell is only the very best available. Shopping here almost makes you feel like you're peeking into a friend's medicine cabinet and makeup bag — if that friend had all the best green and natural products of the world at her disposal.

6. Citrine Natural Beauty

Citrine Natural Beauty was started by a woman who has been working in the beauty industry since she was 15 years old. When she was diagnosed with arthritis, she took stock of how she was treating her body and what she was putting on it and decided that toxic beauty products had to go.

Citrine's boutique has been around in Pheonix for three years and is dedicated to glamour and beauty. It has tons of education available on its site and a YouTube channel full of tutorials. I'm smitten.

7. Etsy

Herbal Comfrey Soap, $5, Handmade For

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Etsy's handmade ethos is perfect when you're looking for self care products without any sketchy ingredients. It can be a bit overwhelming (a search for "green beauty" yields over 65,000 results in the "bath and body" category), but at least you won't be starved for choice. You can search for ingredients you like or for reviews online to narrow down some contenders. My favorites? Minimalist, affordable, gender neutral vegan self care line Just The Goods and witchy body care and cosmetics line Fat & The Moon.

8. CAP Beauty

CAP Beauty's focus is on internal and external beauty, as evidenced by its tagline, "Beauty is wellness. Wellness is beauty." This shop doesn't just focus on tinctures and lipsticks: It also sells teas and super foods. If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything available or by making the switch, Cap Beauty has these adorable "capsules" that are essentially starter packs.

9. Target

Well People Foundation, $29, Target

Target has really stepped up its game when it comes to offering natural and cleaner beauty products to the masses. I just love how accessible the mega retailer makes products like minimalist brand S.W. Basics and clean cosmetic brand W3ll People.

These are just a fraction of the shops out there offering alternatives to conventional beauty products. Wherever you live and whatever your motivation and price point, a greener makeup bag is probably just a click away.

Images: ecodivabeauty/Instagram