The Creepiest Things That Have Happened During October’s Full Moon

by Brittany Bennett
Ethan Miller/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It's already hard to sleep when there's a full moon because of all that late night light creeping through your window. But now, there are even more reasons to stay awake during the full moon. If you're wondering if there are any creepy things that have happened during the Harvest Moon, aka the October full moon, yep, there are. After all, it's a full moon during the month of Halloween — of course there were bound to be creepy things that have happened during it in the past! So I hope you have a comfortable blanket to hide under before you read this.

On Oct. 5, the Harvest Moon, October's full moon (it's called the Harvest Moon based on old Native American and Eastern traditions), will beam an orange hue over earth. Scientists say that the reason this moon typically resembles a large, plump pumpkin is because all the clouds and dust hanging close to the horizon reflects a rusty-orange color off of it. Traditionally, farmers where able to pluck their fruits and vegetables from their fields late into the night guided by the bright moon, which is how it got it's name. As innocent as that sounds, though, we know that the full moon makes things go bump in the night.

Maybe there are never any vampires or goblins or witches on broomsticks taunting our sleepy streets when the sun sets and full moon rises, but you can't deny that things get a little ~weird~. All thanks to the pull of the moon.

In the orange moon's appropriately spooky wake here are a few stories of creepy things that happened in full moon's past that might keep you tonight.

Seeing Unexplainable Shadow People

Reddit user Shenko-wolf was camping with friends under the full moon when they noticed a human-figured shadow looming near their tent, casted by the moon's beam. After waking up their friends and bravely, I must add, running outside for an answer, they found nobody or nothing responding to their call in the woods. Yeah, I might choose to stay indoors for this full moon phase. Especially since the Harvest Moon is known to trick the eye into believing it's larger than it really is more so this time of the year than any other.

Nurses Experience Odd Occurances

The Harvest Moon is notorious for staying in the sky longer than other full moons. It rises quickly at sunset, faster than any other full moon to rise at that time, and lingers until morning where it's energy will continue to loom. Nurses report a surge in odd experiences around their work places, including this unsettling experience reported by reddit user EuroTrish.

The Moon Can Sync Up With Your Cycle

There's myth that the full moon has the ability to affect a woman's menstrual cycle. With 28 days in a cycle and 29 days in a lunar cycle, the numbers seem to make sense in syncing. However, because the Harvest Moon is a low hanging full moon, its presence is reported to stick around for longer than others.

You'll Have More Nightmares

Even if you can sleep on the night of a full moon, you might experience more vivid dreams. And not the good kind. Many Twitter users comment on their restless sleep cycles and how they're haunted by creepy imagery when they do eventually fall asleep.

People Tend To Act ... Strange

The latin word for moon is "luna" which is supposedly where we get the word "lunatic." It was believed that people went mad around the full moon, and according to some people's experiences, that myth seems unfortunately true. Clown voices? No, thank you. I would advise against answering anonymous calls around the Harvest Moon.

Animals Will Be Howling

Apparently you don't have to be a wolf — or a werewolf — to howl at the full moon. Most animals are affected in some way under the beam of the moon. Take these seals for example, howling in an unsettling lack-of-harmony. Because of this Harvest Moon's unusually late appearance and beaming orange glow, you might expect creepy orchestras of animal howls in your surroundings.

Lights Have Gone Out

On nights of the full moon, people say their TVs go off unexpectedly, their devices stop working. and sometimes even lights go out. Because, duh. As if the full moon couldn't get any creepier, the electricity goes out and the moon gets to cast shadows into our homes, elevating the creepy factor of it's presence. This happened to a Twitter user during 2016's Harvest Moon and I wish her town's electricity the best of luck as we experience 2017's.