You Can Now Buy A Custom Stamp Of Your Dog’s FACE & Here’s How

by Callie Tansill-Suddath

You've likely heard the phrase "Take a picture, it'll last longer" in the context of a sassy comeback to an unwelcome gaze. But if you think about it, that's not terrible advice. Even in the digital age the value of looking at old pictures isn't lost — Timehop, Instagram, and Facebook memories shine a light on this. But why limit yourself to film?! If you're finding yourself bored at the thought of yet another phone photoshoot of your pet, opt for something more traditional and channel your inner scrapbooker with a custom stamp of your dog's face.

Have a pooch with a peculiarly photogenic, Pinterest-worthy face? For $40 plus shipping, you can turn that baby into a stamp. It's the perfect way to add a little growl to a greeting card — plus, if you do, you're practically doing people a favor. A team of researchers at Azuba University in Japan suggests simply looking at a dog leads to a boost in production of oxytocin (also known as the love hormone). So by marking all of your future correspondences, be it invitations, letters, or heck, the power bill, with your four-legged friend, you're basically saving the world, one happy brain at a time.

The item is the work of Etsy artisan Jeanne, of TwinSoulStudio, who is, ironically, based in Los Gatos, California. Since 2007, she has made over 4,600 sales through her online shop that primarily offers rubber stamps (though it also carries stamping supplies and super cute flour sack towels). These custom stamps, though, are obviously every dog lover's dream come true.

It's no secret crafting is having a comeback right now. The activities hobbies once popular with your grandmother's peers have found a new population of fans in the form of millennials. Stores are filled with coloring books for adults, and Instagram is overrun with embroidered quotes from The Office. Crafting is a cool way to escape the world of screens, and custom stamps just scratch the surface. Here are some other finds that mix art with your favorite meowing muse:

1. Mini Pet Cross Stitch

What better way to capture the nuances of your pup's profile than through needle and thread? It's even soft, just like your furry friend's coat. But, don't expect petting it to bring you the same joy.

Mini Custom Pet Cross Stitch, $40, Etsy

2. Custom Pet Earrings

These little number are a cute and simple nod to your best friend. They're perfect for wearing on the catwalk (GET IT?!)

Custom Pet Stud Earrings, $12.95, Etsy

3. Custom Pet Pillow

The perfect plush to snuggle while you're away from your furry friend. Also perfect to snuggling IN ADDITION to your furry friend. There are never too many members of a cuddle puddle.

Custom Pet Pillow, $49.95+, Etsy

4. Renaissance Pet Portrait

Is your dog more distinguished than meets the eye? Show the world their full potential with a custom portrait. Ideal for displaying above a fireplace or next to a rich mahogany shelf among your many large, yellowing books.

Custom Renaissance Pet Portrait, $70+, Etsy

5. Pet Portrait Mug

Up for a DIY coffee date with your critter? Treat your playmate to a puppuccino while you sip your coffee out of their face. Sounds creepy, but trust me, it's cute.

Custom Pet Portrait Mug, $18.79+, Etsy

6. Pet Stickers

Never judge a book by its cover ... but it's OK to judge a person by the stickers on their laptop case. Slap one of these on your computer to let everyone know "Hey world, I love my pet more than I love any human!"

Custom Pet Stickers, $10+, Etsy

Of course, this is far from the full extent of what you can get with your pet's face on it ... but let's be real. Nothing will ever be as cute as that furry little mug IRL.