Watch Dacre Montgomery AKA Billy's Audition Tape From 'Stranger Things' & Try Not To Swoon

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Stranger Things' Billy might be physically attractive, but he does enough bad things on the show to keep you from developing a crush on him. Or so you thought, before you saw Dacre Montgomery's Stranger Things audition tape. The actor was kind enough to release the footage on Monday, and everything we thought we knew was a lie. It was bad enough having to stifle your attraction to the bully when he was just your run-of-the-mill American nightmare. But now we have this footage of the 22-year-old dancing shirtless and introducing the video with his devastating Australian accent, and it complicates matters significantly. Yes, fans are waking up to the fact that Billy from Stranger Things is Australian in real life, and they are so here for it.

Montgomery joined the Stranger Things cast for Season 2, which dropped on Oct. 27. He plays the emotionally abusive character Billy Hargrove, stepbrother to Max Mayfield. The troubled teen goes out of his way to make life miserable for his stepsibling, as well as everyone else in Hawkins, Indiana, who crosses paths with him. Which makes it really annoying that his actor's so incredibly attractive in real life. Obviously, if Montgomery was anything like his character, there would be absolutely no attraction. But there's no denying that the actor himself is straight-up beautiful. Let's start with his audition tape, shall we?

Yeah. The 22-year-old is from Perth, Australia, so when Montgomery leaves Billy at home, and lets his Australian flag fly in these videos, it. Is. Delightful. Fans just can't get enough:

In the tape, Montgomery does read for Billy with an American accent, which is frankly pretty killer, but, knowing that he's Australian, you can hear it start to creep in on some of the words. On a scale from one to Aussie, it's coming in at a 1.5.

But the dial on that Down Under twang gets turned up significantly when Montgomery is speaking as himself in an interview with Teen Vogue.

He's with his American cast mates Joe Keery, who plays the swoon=worthy Steve, and Natalia Dyer, who plays Nancy Wheeler. The three of them review classic '80s items from slap bracelets to an Atari system, and Montgomery is deliciously and identifiably Australian.

Same with this interview with Collider talking about all the Easter eggs that the Duffer Brothers hid throughout the series.

Butttt in an interview with Studio 10, it's possible to detect some subtleties in his accent.

According to Montgomery's IMDb page, the actor's mother is Canadian, and his father is from New Zealand. And when he's being interviewed by his fellow Australians, on an Australian TV show, he sounds way closer to American.

And when he's surrounded by American accents on The Talk and watching his own audition tape, as seen below, his accent softens even more.

It seems like the actor's accent is really reflective of his environment, which makes sense, when you think about it. Montgomery has had an immense amount of acting training, starting at a young age. Both of his parents worked on film sets when he was born, his father as a sound engineer and his mother as an assistant director. And, at just 11, Montgomery tells British GQ that he sat his mom down and told her he was ready to get serious.

"I said to [my] Mum, “Look, I really want to pursue this in front of the camera.” I sat down with her and did a ten-year plan that went, “I want to finish high school but throughout high school I want to do a drama programme, I want to do acting classes outside of that, I want to have a gap year and then I want to go train at WAAPA [the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts]."

He did all of this and more, and already had multiple projects lined up within weeks of graduation in 2015. At just 22 years of age, he already has over a decade of industry training. Basically, he's been trying on characters for half of his life and picking up accents is a big part of that. So while Dacre Montgomery seems like he's here to stay in the acting industry, his accent is likely to still do a little bit of fluctuating. And you know what? We are here for every tantalizing minute of it.