Here's What Billy From 'Stranger Things' Looks Like IRL & Fans Can't Seem To Get Enough

Courtesy Netflix

When making its highly anticipated return to Netflix on Oct. 27, Stranger Things introduced quite a few new faces into the fold of its Season 2 comeback. It seems that fans were notably engaged by the entrance of the Billy, the hot-headed neighborhood bully. Although the character's personality makes him quite difficult to like, seeing what Billy from Stranger Things looks like IRL could certainly prove to change your mind.

On screen, the character, portrayed by actor Dacre Montgomery, is a mean-spirited, speed demon who often viciously lashes out at whomever gets in his way. With his mullet-rocking, '80s-centric looks, Billy (though a tad bit appealing in a throwback Rob Lowe-ish kind of way) remains a stark contrast from real-life hotness that is Montgomery. Before his stint on Stranger Things, the Australian 22-year-old entertainer was most notably known as Jason, aka the Red Ranger from this year's Power Rangers reboot, a role which earned him a Teen Choice Awards nomination in 2017.

Whether you're familiar with the actor or not, a quick glimpse at some of his snapshots will give you a million reasons to keep your fingers crossed that Billy will return as the guy you love to hate for Stranger Things for Season 3 — and beyond.

Billy The Badass

Doubled down in denim, Montgomery in the role of Billy is something that may have worked in the '80s, but in this decade... not so much. It's, of course, hard to deny that there is some somewhat of an underlying handsome quality to Billy's look. However the hair, the mustache — and just about everything else needs to go, so that fans have the opportunity to capture the authentic essence of Montgomery and his true potential as a Hollywood heartthrob.

Masked Man

This photo of Montgomery donning a face mask can't still disguise what fans know lies underneath.

Ridin' Flirty

This side-profile snapshot of Montgomery prepping for bike ride is also catching fans' eyes.

Baring It All

There are simply some things that need no explanation.

Amidst his recent emergence into the streaming series, fans also can't seem to get enough of the rising star and his dashing good looks. Some of the reactions to Montgomery's talent and hotness are simply priceless — to say the least.

Pushing Buttons

One Twitter user pointed out the exact moment that Montgomery learned his ultimate power.

Uh, Hello

Another fan wanted to have a serious convo about the actor and his appearance.

Vindicated Villain

This social media user wants people to stop hating on Montgomery for his portrayal of Billy in Stranger Things.

Stating Facts

Meanwhile, this admirer simply called it how they saw it.

Attitude of Gratitude

Another Twitter fan was extremely grateful to Stranger Things for the introduction.

Moment of Silence

There was another observer who just wanted to take a few moments to admire the Hollywood newcomer's dashing good looks.

Montgomery Express

A longtime fan wants everyone to know that they're not new to this.

Although he may be a newcomer on the entertainment scene, Montgomery has already proven that he's much more than pleasing to the eye. Posts from his personal Instagram page indicate that in addition to acting, he's also involved in the philanthropic effort to put an end to the ongoing global water crisis.

As his star continues to rise, fans can only anticipate what's to come from the young talented entertainer. Now that he's officially on the radar of the many viewers who have already tuned in to watch Season 2 of Stranger Things, it's safe to say that Dacre Montgomery is well on his way to the top of every fans crush list.