Dani's Creepy New Film Will Make You Forget 'Love Island' Ever Happened — Exclusive

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Danny Dyer may be the acting name to know in the Dyer family, but his daughter could soon well be taking over. After showing off her fun-loving side for the past two months on Love Island, Dani Dyer's horror film is now about to drop. Yep, as well as winning the ITV 2 reality series, she's got her very own scary movie in the works — which, by the sounds of things, will probably require the lights to be kept on at night.

Heckle follows a comedian and his heckler (who later becomes a rather creepy stalker). The comedy horror — which only finished filming in Suffolk earlier this year — stars Clark Gable III and Toyah Willcox. And if his name hadn't already given the game away, Clark Gable III is the grandson of the famous actor Clark Gable.

But when is Heckle coming out? I can exclusively reveal that the film is scheduled for release on Wednesday, October 31, aka Halloween. "Dani really enjoyed making the film and is looking forward to its release," her rep tells me.

Dani stars as Lucy in the film. It's unclear what role her character plays but, according to the Metro, she impressed the crew with her talents. "From the first rehearsal, Dani shone out with her effortless natural comic timing and heart. She gave us down-to-earth humour and banter along with genuine confusion and terror in the horror scenes," the film's director, Martyn Pick, told the paper.

Unfortunately, Love Island's Jack Fincham, who is planning to marry Dani next year, may not be a huge fan as it turns out that she has an on-screen lover in the film, played by the lovely James De'Val. He told Metro that the 22-year-old "was a dream to work with and we shared great chemistry on screen. After Love Island, audiences will be surprised to see a very different side of Dani when they watch Heckle."

Of course, Heckle is far from Dani's first film. When she was younger, the Love Island winner starred as an extra in a few of her dad's gritty films including the 2009 horror flick Doghouse and 2013 action film Vendetta. After that, she branched out, taking on bigger speaking parts in the likes of 2014 gang drama We Still Kill The Old Way. She also played Martin Kemp's daughter in terrorist thriller Age of Kill which was released in 2015.

With the majority of Dani's films going straight to DVD, it's not clear whether Heckle will do the same. However, one of the movie's producers believes that her new found Love Island fame could push the project to new heights.

"Heckle is a strong horror drama movie, but it's difficult to gain attention for a film of this kind without a known name," Steve Cutts told the East Anglian Daily Times. "By sheer luck, an unknown actress stars, who has now become fabulously well known. The producers are delighted and we hope that the fame of Dani Dyer will give Heckle the attention it will surely deserve."

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Dani's silver screen debut may just be upon us. And if Heckle doesn't sound like it'll be for you, you can also catch the Love Island star in another film — O31 . The movie hasn't actually started filming yet but is rumoured to be Dani's first leading role.

She is set to play Nancy Francis; a girl who is coming to terms with the murder of her mother with the help of a therapist. Producer Joshua Whincup told Deadline that the story "is about race, politics, religion, homosexuality and how these are seen in society. We’re trying to hold a mirror up to society."

Describing Dani's role as "extremely challenging", Whincup hopes to give the actress "the platform to explore these subjects."

Watch out Hollywood. Dani Dyer's coming for you.