Um, Did You Know That Danielle M. & Wells Already Dated Before 'BiP'?

Bob D'Amico/ABC

Wells Adams may not officially be on Bachelor In Paradise this season (he's taken over for Jorge the bartender), but does that mean he can't fall in love? Bachelor In Paradise is teasing a love story between him and Danielle M., but did you know that Danielle M. and Wells dated before Bachelor In Paradise? Until Tuesday night, me neither.

Wells is the resident bartender on Bachelor In Paradise this season (Jorge left to start his own tour company and I wish him the best), and Danielle has been striking out with the men on Bachelor In Paradise, so this pairing makes sense for many reasons. Wells and Danielle live in Nashville, so they hang out at home, but I didn’t know that they had ever been more than just pals! Guys! Why did you go on Paradise, anyway? Why waste your time on a reality show when you can just date someone who lives in your hometown like a normal person and be happy and avoid all of those cameras? Wells admitted that he and Danielle had gone on a date like four years ago (so, way before either of them joined Bachelor Nation), and it all makes sense. They have chemistry, and that’s why it was less surprising that when Danielle M. decided she was leaving the show, Wells put a big fat smooch on her.

Danielle said as she was leaving that perhaps she had had Wells under her nose all along, and girl, of course you did! Look at Wells! He has a wonderful dog — his name is Carl — that has its own Instagram account! And Danielle? Wells would be so lucky to date a woman like her. She's smart, beautiful, and she literally saves children's lives for a living as a neonatal nurse. This is a Bachelor In Paradise pairing I can get behind, and I hope to see them getting hitched on the beach next year.