Daveed Diggs Raps On 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' But It's Nothing Like His 'Hamilton' Days


Daveed Diggs has had a pretty busy year, as his musical and acting talents are taking him to big places. After taking his final bow with the original cast of Hamilton back in July, Diggs took on a recurring role on ABC's Blackish, and is the executive producer for another comedy series on the network set to air this fall about a rapper who runs for office in order to promote his mixtape. Right now, though, the Tony Award winner appears in three episodes of the most recent season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, in one of which he performs a short rap that's as far from Hamilton as it gets.

Diggs is first introduced in Episode 3 of Kimmy Schmidt's third season. He plays Perry, a student (and potential love interest for Kimmy) that our title character meets while touring colleges in New York. Perry reveals that he's a philosophy student transferring to Columbia soon, and when Kimmy is accepted to Columbia as well, the two meet on campus once again and a friendship blossoms. Towards the end of the season, Perry attempts to explain philosophy to his peers in the most Diggs way that he possibly can: with a rap. Only he does more flailing around and stumbling over his words than making an actual impression.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Perry struggles to find the beat and capture the attention of his peers, and his presentation ultimately has to be "saved" by Kimmy. It definitely isn't the most memorable of the star's performances, but any failings can be chalked up to the character, and not Diggs himself.

The musician may have sailed through all of his Hamilton rhymes with impressive ease (seriously, how well do you think you could rap at lightning speed all while faking a French accent?), yet performing as Perry obviously proved to be a more daunting task. Hopefully, even though Diggs appears to have a lot on his plate this year, he'll appear on Season 4 of Kimmy Schmidt and show off more of his musical chops by making a song with Tituss. How amazing would that be?! Fingers crossed.