Will Daveed Diggs Be In 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Season 4? His Return Would Certainly Make Fans Happy


When Season 3 of Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt began streaming on Friday, viewers tuned in to find a wealth of exciting new adventures for Kimmy. Spoilers ahead for Season 3. One adventure in particular sees Kimmy going on a few college visits shortly after graduating from her GED program, and meeting a student named Perry in the process. I'm sure you were stoked to see that Hamilton and black-ish star Daveed Diggs plays Perry. You also probably immediately wondered whether Diggs will be in Kimmy Schmidt Season 4. The Tony Award winner appeared in only three episodes this season, but surely his fans wouldn't argue with his return.

Before all 13 episodes officially hit Netflix on Friday, the show's executive producer, Robert Carlock, revealed at Tribeca Film Festival in late April that Diggs' character would be a love interest for Kimmy. Fans first meet Perry in the second episode, when Kimmy takes a trip to Robert Moses College. She eventually gets accepted to Columbia University, where Perry mentioned he would be transferring, and the two crossed paths once again in episode six. He and Kimmy even share a kiss. He makes one more appearance in episode 11, but shortly after, Kimmy decides to leave Columbia after her peers do a little digging and find out about her past as an "Indiana mole woman."


Obviously since most of Kimmy and Perry's interactions took place on a college campus, it's not very clear if Perry will be back for Season 4, or if the two will continue exploring their relationship. Diggs also seems to have a lot on his plate for the rest of 2017: on top of the fact that he plays a supporting role as Bow's brother Johan on black-ish, the actor just nabbed a starring role in a TNT reboot of Snowpiercer, and he's also set to star alongside Lea Michele in The Mayor, an upcoming comedy on ABC.

Diggs' schedule looks jam-packed, but, as far as his Kimmy Schmidt character is concerned, it doesn't seem like his relationship with Kimmy is over just yet. At the very least, I'd hope to see him return next season to maybe try and convince Kimmy to come back to Columbia. Or they can hang out outside of an academic setting. Either way, Diggs definitely brings too much good energy to the show for his character to officially be gone.