David Attenborough Has A New Documentary Series & It's Gonna Blow Your Mind

by Lauren Sharkey

Only one man's voice can make everyone in the UK sit up and listen. I'm talking about the legend behind Planet Earth, The Blue Planet, and countless more nature-focused docuseries. So, with that in mind, it's no surprise that the mere news of David Attenborough's new documentary series has produced the same effect, causing excitement across the entire nation.

The upcoming five-part show presented by the 92-year-old was first announced by the BBC earlier this year. Now, the concept behind the docuseries, entitled Dynasties, has finally been unveiled at the Edinburgh TV Festival.

Set to air on BBC One in the autumn, Dynasties will follow the families of five species: tigers, lions, chimpanzees, emperor penguins, and hunting dogs. Each episode will focus on a different animal leader, showcasing the trials and tribulations that come with surviving in an ever-changing environment.

Documenting "the most critical period in their lives," the series is expected to be fraught with heartbreaking moments. In fact, the description — which states how each animal is "determined to hold on to power and protect their family, their territory, and their dynasty" — sounds pretty Game of Thrones-esque, don't you think?

Dynasties has taken four years to make, so expect stunning camerawork and stories that really grip you. Oh, and the soothing yet eye-opening words of Sir David Attenborough himself.

BBC/BBC Studios/ Stefan Christmann/ Nick Lyon/Theo Webb 2018

Executive producer Mike Gunton has said that the series will be even more of a must-watch than previous Attenborough documentaries. "After making Planet Earth II, it's very exciting to now have the chance to show another, and I think even more intense and gripping, perspective on the lives of our planet's most impressive yet vulnerable creatures," he said in a statement.

Attenborough echoed the sentiment, telling a BAFTA masterclass audience in March, "There will be some fairly dark moments and we won't tidy it up. This is a new concept and I am privileged to have been asked to write some of the commentary."

Naturally, everyone is counting down the days (or months?) until the series hits TV screens. "Five words that would ensure I watch literally anything... 'Narrated by Sir David Attenborough,'" one mega fan tweeted.

Attenborough's recent work has had a deep impact on society. The Daily Star recently reported that Blue Planet II's disturbing footage showing the effect of plastic pollution on marine life had managed to take down a major plastic company.

STM Packaging was forced to go into administration with administrator Stuart Morton saying: "Single-use packaging is not fashionable for environmental reasons. That has had a negative effect on the company’s turnover — it dropped quite substantially in recent months."


After the second series became the most watched programme of 2017, calls for a third started almost immediately. While one producer told Metro that the unexplored nature of the sea means "there is always going to be room for another major series on the ocean," a new Blue Planet series is still yet to be commissioned.

However, there was a 16-year gap between the first and second series so give them all a chance. Until then, you'll have to focus your attention to Attenborough's latest project, revealing the plights of land animals.

Dynasties will air on BBC One this autumn.