This Video Of David Harbour Dancing With Penguins Is Everything You Need & More

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

About one month later and it's already happened: David Harbour danced with penguins in Antarctica. On Twitter Monday, the Stranger Things star shared a video of himself dancing in a colony of Gentoo penguins. Yes, he even replicated Hopper's signature Season 2 dance moves that quickly became a meme. Sadly, Jim Croce's "You Don't Mess Around With Jim" isn't playing, but Harbour's dancing is still amazing. Tip: Mute Harbour's video and play Croce's song at the exact moment he starts dancing.

In the video, filmed by his girlfriend Alison Sudol, Harbour asks the penguins surrounding him, "You guys seen Stranger Things? It’s on Netflix. There’s a very special scene that the internet has liked a lot. I just wanted to share it will all of you guys. It’s not a big deal." He then breaks into the famous Hopper dance. After his dance session concludes, he walks towards the camera and says, "Protect the Antarctic. Thank you, Greenpeace. Thank you, internet. I've never had so much fun being humiliated."

Fans of the 2018 Critics' Choice Awards winner knows how much he loves Twitter contests, which is how he ended up in Antarctica dancing in a colony of penguins. On Jan. 21, he tweeted Greenpeace, "Hey @Greenpeace. [How] many retweets to send me someplace to tell emperor penguin couples I think they have terrific parenting ideologies? Perhaps hone the Hopper dance with the males..." Greenpeace responded the next day on Twitter writing, "Hmm, if you get over 200k we'll ask the Captain if you can join our expedition to the Antarctic and dance with the penguins. #StrangerThings have happened."

He succeeded in getting the necessary retweets (more than requested, actually) and boarded a vessel to Antarctica with Sudol. Since then, he's been capturing his experience via social media, including posting some stunning photos on Instagram.

In a Greenpeace press release from Feb. 8, Harbour commented on the adventure awaiting him. "Well, Greenpeace says the Weddell Sea and its surroundings are home to a precious ecosystem, vital to sustaining our future." He continued, "And that there’s penguins there. And that I’ll get to waddle around with them, discuss their parenting techniques with them and yes, yes, dance with them. And that they’ll film it. And that if maybe I get enough support from everybody, they’ll gimme that video, so I can rent it out to you (be kind, rewind please)."

As entertaining as it is to watch Harbour dance next to a group of penguins, the 42-year-old actor is doing a really important thing by promoting the protection of the Antarctic. As he says in another video tweeted Monday, "I thought this was going to be a silly thing, and I thought I was just going to dance with penguins." He adds, "But ultimately ... it’s turned into kind of another thing about protecting the Antarctic waters, this huge conservation movement that’s going on."

Actually, he didn't even want to dance upon arriving and seeing how the climate is negatively impacting this part of the planet and its creatures. "It's sort of humbled me and my narcissism, so now I don't really feel like dancing with penguins," Harbour says in a Twitter video. "I feel like being very humble, but sometimes as an actor you have to do things that you don't want to do."

Obviously, he ended up keeping his promise. Giving his fans what they want and having retweet contests means a lot to Harbour and there's a reason he does it. "Ultimately, my goal as an artist is always to bring people together," Harbour told Bustle in January. "I do think we all suffer the same common human experience, which can be so difficult at times. The idea is that I always want to bring people together [and] bring joy into the world in whatever form that I can."

Well, he did exactly that by showing off Hopper's signature dance move next to penguins.