David Schwimmer's Skittles Super Bowl Commercial Will Make Every 'Friends' Fan Laugh


If you need some Ross Geller in your life, you're in luck. Well, kind of. You see, Friends alum David Schwimmer is in a Skittles Super Bowl commercial. He has the Ross Gellar voice, but definitely not the Ross Gellar look. Schwimmer is nearly unrecognizable in the commercial, in which he's dressed as a much older, overworked 9 to 5er with shabby white hair and a solid mustache. He's so overworked, in fact, that he's talking to... a sandwich? The peculiar Skittles Super Bowl ad is bringing out the best of the internet, because people are both confused and... cracking up.

The description for the ad on YouTube is as follows: "David Schwimmer is stuck in an unhealthy relationship with his lunch in this possible scene from the Skittles Super Bowl ad that only one person will ever see." The brand seems to be poking fun at how Super Bowl ads get such immediate, rapid, viral attention. But what's with Schwimmer's look? And, again, why is he feeding and talking to a sandwich?

Some people have commented on the video by making Friends references, because how can that actually be resisted? Users wrote comments like, "The One With Ross' Sandwich," "The One When Ross Is Drunk With Skittles," "My sandwich.. My sandwich.. MY SANDWICH!!!", and "He's on a break." Others commented on Schwimmer's on-screen transformation while still incorporating Friends references, writing: "Ross let really let himself go" and "So no one told you life was gonna be this way." One user even asks the brilliant question: "Is Joey the Sandwich?" Is he, though?

Others are internalizing and analyzing the somewhat melancholy ad, because, let's face it, it isn't the most uplifting. "Why are their Super Bowl ads so depressing?" someone wrote on YouTube. Another commenter said, "I’m... so confused?"

Meanwhile, Twitter is also filled with pure confusion — confusion that needs to be addressed and resolved.

It's like, is this really happening? Both on screen and in real life?

No one really knows how to feel about it. But this Skittles ad isn't the only one the actor shot, which gives the internet much more to work with and analyze. Actually, Schwimmer stars in four 15-second Skittles ads that all completely transform his appearance and leave audience members confused.

Another ad shows the actor with long brown hair, shrunken down to look like a puppet, sitting on an oversized stuffed animal on the lap of a ventriloquist in a waiting room. No, really. But while the internet may be bewildered by Schwimmer's surreal Skittles ads, the actor is all for them. "I don’t do commercials as a rule, but I’ve always been a fan of the Skittles commercials,” the actor told Food & Wine. “I just find them really odd and funny and they appeal to my own sense of humor.” But even the backstory the actor explained to the publication is confusing.

Schwimmer said that, in the pitch, Skittles told him "only one person, a teenage boy, would be seeing the final cut," which is a notion reflected in the commercials. “I was like ‘What? I don’t understand. Come again?’" he recalled. "I just thought it was so subversive and absurd." Although the ads clearly weren't just seen by one person, that's what initially got him on board. “There was something quite liberating about the whole process,” Schwimmer said. “It was just really freeing to know that no one is going to see this anyway.”

Well, now people are seeing. And they're not only seeing, they're speculating, wondering, and bringing amazing throwback Friends references out of the vault to try and make sense of all this madness.