Davina Leone Got Sultry On 'The Voice'

Tyler Golden/NBC

There was no room for holding back during the final night of battle on The Voice. Davina Leone became fearless in her Voice battle, ascending to a new personal level of greatness in the competition. Even though she was not chosen to remain on Team Gwen, her journey on The Voice was not over. That's because coach Adam Levine used the final steal option allotted to the Battle round to snag Leone. I think it's safe to say that that steal was a result of Leone's fearlessness and willingness to move outside of her voice, utilizing her entire body to sell the story of the song she was assigned this week.

Leone faced off against her very game competitor, Brandon Royal. Coach Gwen Stefani assigned Royal and Leone "In The Night" by The Weeknd to sing for their battle. It quickly came to light in rehearsals that while Royal and Leone had the vocal chops to keep them in a tight race against each other, they needed to really use every part of their instrument — read: their bodies — to sell the heck outta this song. In case you were wondering, that translated to guest coach Celine Dion coming in, saving the day by showing both Royal and Leone exactly what it meant to throw your entire self into a song.

During the battle, Royal and Leone moved, grooved, and brought the sultriness out in The Weeknd's hit song. Moving out of their comfort zones worked wonders for their performances. For Leone, Dion's urging to "become 40" instead of a shy 23-year-old and embrace the more adult energy of the song was just what she needed to hear. In the battle, Leone moved around the stage, wagging her finger and contorting her face to convey a sense of power. She looked assured, her confidence in her vocal skills renewed.

This great performance is what led to Leone switching teams as the battle round of The Voice came to a close. After a knockout performance this week, there's no doubt she'll nail the actual Knockout round next week.