Deadpool Won't Appear In 'Logan' After All, But Here's How He Could Have Fit

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Are you sitting down? There's some bad news for those of you who were over-the-moon excited about a recent report that Ryan Reynolds would be reprising his Deadpool role in Logana standalone in the X-Men franchise that focuses on Wolverine aka Logan. An article on The Wrap claimed that the Merc with a Mouth, or at least the actor who plays him, shot one scene for the 2017 film. Unfortunately, both Reynolds and Logan's director, James Mangold, responded to the Twitter frenzy about Deadpool's appearance with denial — claiming there will be no Wade Wilson in this adventure. I think Reynolds put it best with his tweet, "Sadly, not true. Prisoner 24601 is on a solo mission." This news is a major bummer, but now I can't help but wonder how could Deadpool have fit into Logan? He's a character in the X-Men universe, but would he have been an important character in this movie, or just a snarky aside to bring some levity?

The Wrap originally reported that the scene, which a source claimed was directed by Deadpool 2 director David Leitch, would likely be one of those post-credit scenes superhero movies seem to like so much. I can just picture it now, Wade Wilson doing his best to annoy Wolverine with his never-ending fourth wall breaks and witty jabs, as they play chess or Call of Duty or whatever it is superheroes do together in their downtime. It's a beautiful sight to imagine, and completely believable as Deadpool is the king of snark. Heck, maybe they should just film such a scene now before it's too late.

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In terms of the actual storyline, it makes sense that Deadpool wouldn't have played a huge part or even appeared in the film itself. Logan takes place in the near future, and reportedly shows the struggles of an older and grouchier Wolverine as he and another mutant, Caliban, take care of the very ill Professor X. The year is 2024, and mutant births are mysteriously declining or as Wolverine gruffly puts it in the official Logan trailer, "Mutants. They're gone now." It seems like a pretty lonely and boring place for our remaining heroes devoid of any stimulating Deadpool drama. Then, Logan and Charles stumble upon a young mutant named Laura who happens to have similar powers to Wolverine's — and things get a lot more interesting.

If Wolverine's wise-cracking nemesis did appear in a scene, I'd assume his foray into Logan would be a fourth-wall break homage of the first time Reynolds appeared as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The movie famously butchered the character of Deadpool, making him devoid of a personality and even a mouth, as well as throwing him unnecessary powers. Though it wasn't mentioned in his standalone movie, I'm sure the Wade Wilson of Deadpool could have something to say about the whole thing in Wolverine's standalone movie.


This update about Logan is undeniably disappointing for fans, but at least for a brief shining moment, we had Deadpool in the new X-Men movie. And I think we all learned a lesson here — Deadpool is so popular that fans want him in every superhero movie. Not bad for a day's fan-girl activities, right?