Dean & Emily Didn't Go On A 'Bachelor In Paradise' Date, But His Struggle To Say No Shows He Hasn't Learned Anything

Paul Hebert/ABC

After Kristina decided to leave Bachelor in Paradise Monday night — ending the Dean/Kristina/Danielle L. love triangle for Dean since he refused to — it seemed like maybe he'd clean up his act so he wouldn't mess things up with Danielle. But after seeing Tuesday's episode, it's pretty clear that he didn't learn a thing. As soon as Emily Ferguson (one half of the famous twin duo) showed up in Mexico, he practically risked it all for her — even though he just found out what happens when you lead two women on at the same time. Unfortunately, Dean is still the worst on Bachelor in Paradise, and at this point, it looks like that may never change.

When the episode began, so much of the focus was on how "devastated" Dean was that Kristina left, and he even seemed to take credit for breaking off their relationship. Obviously, that's not what happened — Kristina chose not to hand out her rose because she wanted to demand the kind of respect she deserved in a relationship, and Dean just wasn't giving it to her. And when Emily arrived and made a beeline for him to ask him on a date, it looked like he was willing to do the same thing to Danielle that he'd done to Kristina... until he didn't. Just barely.

Yes, Dean technically said no to Emily's invitation, but it definitely didn't sound like he wanted to. First, in his ITM interview, he mentioned how hot Emily is — because that seems to be his go to when he's trying to decide whether or not he should date a person — and then his moral compass kicked in. He kind of, sort of realized that maybe Danielle wouldn't love it if he went out with Emily so soon after his last love triangle and then, he begrudgingly said no. Would he have said yes if he thought he wouldn't get in trouble with Danielle? Maybe.

It's becoming more and more evident that this isn't just a fluke; this seems to be Dean's dating MO. He shies away from commitment and doesn't get too emotionally engaged — when emotion comes into play, he backs off. Unfortunately, commitment and emotional entanglement are both necessary in a long term relationship, so if he ever wants to settle down with someone, he'll have to figure out how to get past whatever block he has against those things.

Where is that sweetheart from Rachel's season of The Bachelorette? Hopefully, that guy is still in there somewhere, because America misses the Dean we knew and loved — the one who knew how to love.