'Bach' Star Dean's Dog Obsession Somehow Makes Him Even Cuter

ABC/Josh Vertucci

Could Dean be any cuter? You might have asked yourself this very question while watching the The Bachelorette, and the answer is... yes. It actually is possible because Dean from The Bachelorette has a dog obsession. Take a look at his Twitter and you'll see tons of tweets, replies, and likes that are all about puppies, because, of course there are.

It's a shame that Peter was the one who got two solo dates with Rachel that involved dogs because it's clear that Dean would have really thrived in those situations. His constant giggling in combination with puppies would be the most adorable scenario. That was definitely a missed opportunity by the show. (Then again, they did get some drama out of him being afraid of heights during that blimp date.)

Before the most recent episode aired, Dean tweeted, "Will attempt to live tweet during @BacheloretteABC tonight @ 8pm (PDT) - leave your kind words at the door, don't spare my feelings. kthx"

After watching the episode, his words made a lot of sense, considering that awkward dinosaur conversation and the intense preview for his hometown date. As a result, a lot of Dean's Twitter followers sent him photos of dogs to help him get through the episode. The puppy pics were much needed to drown out any hate or negativity that could be directed toward Dean. Then again, dog-related conversation is always a good idea.

If you are looking to get a rose from Dean, the first step is a Twitter reply, and the best way to get a response is by sending him a dog photo:

Seriously, just asking what he thinks of your dog is a good opening line:

Or just ask him to pet dogs if you're trying to hang out:

Monday's episode was pretty awkward to watch, so it had to be a tough one to relive as one of Rachel's suitors. It made sense for Dean to get some comfort by checking out dogs during the commercial breaks:

Then again, the puppies could induce some tears instead of comfort depending on the context:

If Dean had an inkling to use reverse psychology during the casting process, he might have had his ideal date with Rachel:

As if there weren't already enough reason to adore Dean, his reliance on canine support just makes him even more lovable.