Why Dean Should Be The Next Bachelor

Paul Hebert/ABC

Oh, how do I love The Bachelorette's Dean? Let me count the ways. When Dean was first introduced on that fateful After The Final Rose special many moons ago (or like, three months ago), I was hesitant — he made a bad joke about going black and never going back (ugh), and it was totally not a good look (although Rachel said she did like the joke). But, after getting to know Dean on The Bachelorette, I see the error of my ways. Dean is handsome, smart, caring, and fun, and Dean should totally be the next Bachelor.

Dean and Rachel had their first Bachelorette one-on-one date on the June 19 episode, and to say it went well was an understatement. They drank champagne, hung out on the hood of a car, talked about his mother’s death (it was a very touching moment), and then they went in a blimp, despite Dean’s crippling fear of heights. He even got to drive the blimp a little! All in all, it was a solid first date. That’s the thing about first dates, whether they’re on television or they’re IRL. When it’s good, you just know it’s good. Rachel and Dean are a good match, but will they ultimately end up together at the end of the season? I’m not sure about that. There are plenty of contenders for her heart. That’s why I’m starting the “Dean for Bachelor” campaign early. You know, just in case things don’t work out. Dean needs a contingency plan.

Here is a list of reasons that Dean should be the next Bachelor.

He Can Open Up

Dean’s mother died when he was young following a lengthy battle with cancer, and the ongoing trauma of that was something that he never really talked about, at least not before his date with Rachel. Dean’s being able to talk about the really tough topics with Rachel says to me that when he meets the right person, Dean won’t hold anything back. That’s imperative if you’re trying to meet the person you’re spending the rest of your life with — especially during a shortened timeline like on The Bachelor.

He Has A Dog

I know that many people want dogs, but how many have the responsibility chip and drive to actually get one and take care of it? Dean does — as seen on his Instagram, Dean’s dog, Nala, looks like some sort of Black Labrador mix, and he loves her. He posts about her frequently, calling her “my queen.” Dean is responsible enough to not only take care of an animal but dote on her, which means that he is ready to graduate to humans (i.e., a wife and family, if that’s his jam).

He Takes Risks

Perfect for all of those "rappelling down a cliff" dates the Bachelor goes on.

He's Handsome (& Has A Great Smile)

Looks aren’t everything, but his smile is the cherry on top of the sundae.

He Has A Sense Of Humor

His Instagram handle is @deanie_babies.

I rest my case.