Dean From 'Bachelorette' Has More Ink Than You Think

So you're falling hard for one of the Bachelorette contestants, and you want to know the meaning of Dean Unglert's tattoo. Understandable. One shot of the 25-year old's blinding smile is enough to send fans scurrying to the internet to dig up everything they can about him. And a follow-up shot of his bare chest and the ink that covers it only intensifies that fervor. Dean's chest tattoo was on full display during the mud-wrestling date when all the men were shirtless, and it stood out prominently.

While the front-runner is indeed inked up over his left pec, he has additional tattoos elsewhere. In fact, let's let the startup recruiter tell it himself, courtesy of his profile on ABC's website. Here are the six — yes, six! — tattoos Dean described in his bio: "Mom's initials on chest, artwork on back, friend's initials on back, 'Righteous' on inner lip, Latin on hip, Triforce on inner arm."

As you might recall from his one-on-one date with Rachel Lindsay in last Monday's episode, Dean lost his mother to cancer at a young age. So the fact that he has her initials emblazoned over his heart suggests he carries her memory with him everywhere he goes, whether onto a reality show or down a slide in Thailand. You can see his chest tattoo in action — quite literally — in this video Dean posted of himself at a waterfall.

Moving around the body now, based on Dean's explanation, the pieces on his back are a friend's initials and an unspecified piece of artwork. It's hard to tell which is which from this distance, but both seem to be on display in the photo below, posted in September 2015.

The reality show contestant seems to have one piece on each shoulder blade, and potentially another one higher up on his right. Although with that one, it's hard to tell with the way the shadows are falling.

As for the three remaining tattoos, there are no shots of them on Dean's Instagram, or even an explanation about their significance. The Triforce is a symbol from the Legend of Zelda, so he's probably a fan of that video game franchise. As for "Righteous" on his inner lip and the content of the Latin inscribed on his hip, you'll have to wait for him to reveal more on TV, if he so chooses.

Someone please tell the show's producers to add more shirtless dates pronto. For... for research. Yeah, that's right.