Definitive Proof There Is Crying In Baseball

by Allie Gemmill

"There's no crying in baseball!" is not only one of the most iconic lines Tom Hanks has even spoken onscreen, it's perhaps one of the most iconic lines in film, period. However, 25 years later, A League of Their Own's Jimmy Dugan's baseball maxim isn't necessarily true; there's absolutely crying in baseball. Of course there's crying in baseball. It's an all-American sport, right up there on the list of things that define Americana along with apple pie and the "Pledge of Allegiance." Do you think there wouldn't be tons of tear-jerking moments that happened IRL in baseball since it began? Think again, friend.

A League of Their Own is iconic in its own right. A fun comedy steeped in feminist morale, this film about a ragtag team of women coming together to play damn good baseball while their husbands are away fighting in World War II should be must-see viewing for women everywhere. While it was great to see these women hit home runs and lean on each other through the tough times, it was their hardened coach, Jimmy's, famous line about crying in baseball that really sticks in viewers' memories.

In the film, Jimmy reams Doris out for costing the Rockford Peaches their lead in the game. In a spectacular moment, he proceeds to ream Doris out, which only causes the women to surround her with support while Jimmy's personal problems become more apparent. Of course, it's also tough not to laugh just a little at the ridiculousness of Jimmy's anger. No crying in baseball? Hogwash.

And so, with the feistiness of a thousand Kits, let's prove Jimmy wrong, shall we? Here's a handful of moments from baseball that prove Jimmy's way out of touch with baseball players.

Mets Player Wilmer Flores Get Misty-Eyed

Flores got teary on the field when he had earlier learned he was going to be traded off the team. When Mets fans heard the news, they gave him a standing ovation at the next game he played. However, the trade never transpired.

The Miami Marlins Pay Tribute To Jose Fernandez

Following the tragic and untimely death of Jose Fernandez, the rest of his team, the Marlins, paid a sweet tribute to him on the field. Not only did they all wear his numbered jersey, but they took a knee on the field for him, too.

Mariano Rivera Says Goodbye

Here, New York Yankees player Mariano Rivera goes gooey as he says goodbye to his teammates.

Lou Gehrig Says Goodbye

One of the all-time greats may not have cried himself while announcing his departure from baseball, but you can bet your boots there was some tears from the other players and from onlookers in the stands.

Prince Fielder Reveals He Can't Play Baseball Anymore

The second neck operation is the span of three years effectively ended the career of Fielder. His announcement that his career was over was so sad to watch.

Take that, Jimmy Dugan.