Demi Lovato Is Going Back To Her Acting Roots In This Upcoming Netflix Comedy

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Demi Lovato is upgrading her status as the queen bee of Camp Rock to a contestant in the world's most popular singing contest — well, kind of. In what's sure to be very exciting news for Lovatics, Demi Lovato has joined Will Ferrell's Netflix Eurovision film. And the streaming service announced the news on Tuesday, Aug. 20, which just so happened to also be Lovato's 27th birthday.

Ferrell himself confirmed the casting by supposedly baking the singer a birthday cake from scratch, according to a hilarious video posted to Lovato's Instagram, and one of Netflix's Twitter accounts. "Hi everyone. Will Ferrell here on the set of my new movie Eurovision," he said. "We are having a great time. We just started filming and we want to make a very special announcement about a brand new cast member. And it just so happens to be her birthday and I made her this wonderful cake from scratch. So happy birthday, yay," he added, before seemingly throwing the cake at the camera, only for the video to reveal Lovato blowing out the candles in her dressing room.

Despite obviously enjoying the gesture, Lovato didn't seem to buy that his gift was genuine. "Will Ferrell made me a cake...from scratch," she wrote in the video's caption. "It looks completely professional and store bought so I'm not at all suspicious that he baked it himself in all of his free time." Sounds legit!

Eurovision is inspired by the real-life global music competition of the same name, which is also the world's biggest singing contest. The film will focus on aspiring Icelandic musicians Lars Erickssong and Sigrit Ericksdottir, played by Ferrell and Rachel McAdams, respectively, who land the opportunity of a lifetime to represent their country at the competition.

As reported by Deadline, Lovato is set to star as Katiana, who is described as "one of the best and most angelic singers in all of Iceland." Given Lovato's stunning vocals, and the potential for her to go head-to-head with the comedy duo of Ferrell and McAdams, the role seems to be totally perfect for her. This will mark her first live-action film role since 2010's Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, and her first acting role in general since portraying Dani in the fifth season of Glee.

If Lovato, Ferrell, and McAdams weren't exciting enough, Deadline also announced Monday that Pierce Brosnan and Legion star Dan Stevens were also joining the cast of Eurovision. Stevens is set to play Alexander Lemtov, a Russian contestant in the contest, while Brosnan will portray Erick Erickssong, Lars’ father and, apparently, "the most handsome man in Iceland."

Between filming her first movie in almost a decade, celebrating at Ariana Grande's London concert, and the love from her fans, Lovato had a fantastic birthday. "Today was one of the happiest days of my life," she said on Instagram, captioning a video montage of her Lovatics wishing her a happy birthday. "Not because it was my birthday, not just because I'm living my dream and was doing something so exciting today, but because of my friends, family and MY LOVATICS!!!!! This bday was surreal.. invigorating.. inspiring.. funny.. touching... just everything positive you could think of."

While there's no scheduled premiere date for Eurovision just yet, Lovatics have surely already began their countdown.