Demi Lovato's New Year's Eve Kiss With Her Backup Dancer Has Fans Going Wild

Paras Griffin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Demi Lovato's New Year's celebrations have her fans, the Lovatics, cheering her on. Demi Lovato kissed her friend on New Year's Eve, in what might have been a surprising (in a good way!) display of affection. The singer kissed Jojo Gomez, a dancer and choreographer, after her holiday performance in Miami on Dec. 31. After both Lovato and Gomez posted photos of the kiss, fans flocked to social media to share their own excitement over it.

Although Lovato expressed in her documentary, Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated (director: Hannah Lux Davis), that she's open to dating men and women, this New Year's Eve kiss likely isn't indicative of a possible relationship. As J-14 reported, Gomez has a boyfriend, "Rudeboy Donovan", whom she posted a photo with as recently as September 2017. So, the pair's peck seems to be just a platonic kiss between friends to ring in the New Year.

The two friends both posted a photo of their public display of affection on social media. Lovato captioned her New Year's Eve photos, which included photos of her stunning performance looks along with the kiss, "Last performance of 2017 and first kiss of 2018". Similarly, Gomez captioned her photo of her kiss with the singer with, "First kiss of 2018!"

Fans overwhelmingly found the kiss to be beautiful and shared their support for Lovato and her pal on social media.


One fan couldn't help but call the kiss "iconic" in their reply to a photo of the the embrace and included this gif to further emphasize how much they love it.

Kermit Says It All

Another fan replied to the photo with a picture of Kermit the frog holding an LGBTQ+ flag. It shows that they're in total support of anything Lovato and Gomez may choose to do, even if it's just a fun kiss.

So Beautiful

Another Lovatic couldn't help but gush over the kiss and how happy they were to see it. They're totally here for Lovato living her life exactly how she wants to, which includes sharing a smooch with her friend every now and then.

Already The Best Thing

This fan has already deemed the kiss the best one of 2018. Tall order but many other Lovatics are probably in agreement.

Thumbs Up

This user showed off their excitement with a simple gif of Lovato giving two thumbs up.

In Love With It

One fan was totally into the display of affection and even said that they were "in love with" it. They also thanked her for gracing their timeline with the PDA.


Many Lovatics called the "Cool For The Summer" singer a queen within the LGBTQ+ community after they saw the friends' kiss.

Loving It So Much

Another fan included a gif of Lovato jokingly clutching her heart, along with some rainbow emojis, in their reply to the pic. The kiss was too amazing for this fan to handle.

A Gif Says A Thousand Words

This fan shared a dancing Carlton gif to show how excited they were about Lovato and Gomez's kiss.

Too Happy

Another fan got in on the gif game and replied to Gomez's photo with the above gif. The girl's smile was probably mirrored by a lot of Lovatics when they took a look at the pair's New Year's Eve kiss.

Again, Lovato and Gomez seem to have only shared a kiss together as a friendly way to ring in the New Year, there's nothing that suggests there's something romantic going on between them right now. However, that didn't stop the Lovatics from cheering on this beautiful display of affection.