Why Demi's Instagram Is A Must-Follow For This 'Bachelor' Season

Rick Rowell/ABC

Ever since the teaser for the Jan. 14 episode of The Bachelor was released, Bachelor Nation fans have been in an uproar, all because on a group date, Demi broke unspoken rose etiquette by picking up the date rose displayed on the table. "Oh, it's my rose!" she exclaimed after returning from her alone time with Colton. Unsurprisingly, the other girls seemed shocked and confused. The full tea is spilled in the episode, of course, but Demi's Instagram reveals why The Bachelor contestant might have just gone for it. She's just that kind of girl.

"I'm not gonna lie, I was like short of breath. I didn't know what was happening," Tracy said in the clip released by Entertainment Weekly. "All of us, I could tell, were like, totally taken aback. It made me slightly sick to my stomach." In Demi's defense, she immediately returned the rose to its box. It was obviously a joke and she was displaying a sense of confidence after stealing a smooch from Colton.

"It's just mind blowing that the other girls are willing to sit around and wait until, oh, they think it's a good time," she said to the camera. "Like, no, go get 'em. That's what I would do if I were them and that's what I have been doing."

The other girls on the date made comments about her maturity level and questioned whether or not she's taking her relationship with Colton seriously. In reality, it seems like Demi just likes to have fun with everything she does. Her Instagram captions (and cheeky username, @demi_not_lovato) show more of her candid personality, which dates back to far before she ever appeared on The Bachelor.

However, she did hint to the drama that could ensue when she shared her official headshot for the show. "I wonder if this is going to be THE MOST DRAMATIC SEASON YET?!?!" she wrote.

She seems like one of those people who simply says what's on her mind, unapologetically, and doesn't take life too seriously — which isn't necessarily a bad thing. "But did your runescape character have the bunny ears from Easter 2003?" she wrote under a photo in which she sported playful, pink bunny ears and a matching jacket.

She poked fun at herself in another post. "Laughing at my life because it’s A JOKE," she wrote.

The confidence she exudes on the show and her willingness to do whatever it takes to win also shine through on her grid. "I may look innocent, but I will eat your heart out," she captioned one post, angel emoji included.

She also made a video of her taking on the day in a pair of boss lady heels. "You know I mean business when you hear those heels coming," she wrote.

One caption rings particularly coincidental with her controversial rose-stealing ways. The caption under a mirror selfie reads, "Do what they tell you not to do."

So it's obvious that Demi isn't afraid to break the rules to get what she wants. And everyone knows that positive change never came without a little rebellion. Will she take it too far? Only time, and more rose ceremonies, will tell.