'RHOBH' Fans Should Be Watching 'BH90210' For A Possible Denise Richards *Moment*

by Marenah Dobin
PLS Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This year is all about the Beverly Hills-based TV shows for Denise Richards. She became a full-time cast member on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills during Season 9 of the show. Next up, Denise Richards will be on the Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot. Truthfully, it's unclear who Denise Richards will play on BH90210, but she does have a history with the show. Even though it may not be memorable to most fans, she played a small part on the original show.

Richards played Kelly Taylor's cousin Robin McGill during the Season 2 finale episode. Unfortunately Robin wasn't a breakout character on the show, but Steve Sanders did hit on Robin (and her sister Sherry) during Jackie Taylor and Mel Silver's wedding, which definitely tracks. Other than that, Robin never returned to the series, but maybe she will be a part of the new show.

While it would be very logical for Richards to return as Robin, it is actually still so unclear what part she's playing on the reboot.. Richards isn't even listed as one of the cast members the iMDB page for the show, yet.

Not only that, but she actually played a totally different character on the original reboot, 90210. Richards played Gwen Thompson, a member of a West Beverly Hills High School alumni group called the Legacy Ladies. Kelly was also a character on the reboot for a couple seasons, and no, she did not recognize the woman who played her own cousin on the original series. There's no connecting the dots between Richards' roles on the original show and the first reboot, but maybe there will be some connection with the second reboot of the show.

Richards could play Robin again. Or maybe even Gwen, but nothing has been confirmed by the show or by the actor herself.

There is also a possibility that she won't revisit any of those characters. TVLine claimed that Richards would portray "a heightened version of herself," which hopefully means that maybe there will be a Real Housewives reference. Ian Ziering's fictional wife on the show did say she wanted to audition for Bravo, so maybe that's the tie tin.

Richards' part in the series and the premise of the show as a whole are both pretty unclear. One thing that is clear is that she is excited to be a part of the reboot. On July 29, she posted a photo from the BH90210 set and wrote "Look what I’m shooting from one Beverly Hills show to another." It really is a Beverly Hills-filled year for Richards.

Just the day before, Denise reposted a (super blurry) photo that Tori Spelling originally shared and opened up about why working on the show is so special to her. Denise shared,

"Thank you for including me T.... and having me part of @bh90210 journey. talk about everything comes back full circle. One of my very first jobs was #beverlyhills90210 love all of you guys."

Even though Richards still hasn't shared what her role will be, she did have nice things to say about working on the show. On July 30, she posted on Instagram, "thank you #Vancouver & everyone at @bh90210 short but sweet & [heart] all of u."

Considering all the social media posts, it does seem like Richards might be a part of more than one episode. Spelling posted another photo from the set, which included Richards on July 30.

Even though it's been very public news that Richards is a part of the cast, she managed to intrigue fans and by keeping her role under wraps. No matter what role she takes on, fans are still very excited to tune in.