'Designated Survivor' Fans Always Have These Moments — Even If The Show Isn't Coming Back


President Kirkman might have survived that invasive joint Senate hearing to determine his mental fitness to continue his job, but unfortunately, that still wasn't enough to save his administration. Designated Survivor will not return for Season 3 and has officially been canceled, per Variety. The political drama from ABC starred Kiefer Sutherland as the leader of the free world, and ran for just two seasons before the network called it quits.

Did the show always deliver high-brow, intellectually stimulating material for the politically savvy TV consumer? No. But it was exactly what it was supposed to be: An idealistic escape from America's political reality. The strong moral code and aspirational quality of Tom Kirkman made it easy to choose to believe a lot of the show's more unbelievable plot lines. It was like getting to peep a nice version of House of Cards — or real life. So, fans will miss it after its Season 2 conclusion on May 16. But, while there may not be new episodes coming, fans can always look back on what we did get.

If you're a loyal Kirkman follower, then please keep reading for some nostalgic reminiscing about the greatest moments from Designated Survivor. (Obviously, spoilers ahead.)

1. When Kirkman Took The Oath Of Office In A Sweatshirt

Nothing says "outsider" or "man of the people" quite like Kirkman wearing a zip up hoodie as he took the oath of office. The scene where Mike hastily rushed him and Alex out of the top secret designated survivor location, and told him that "Mr. Secretary, you are now the president of THE United States" pretty much sums up the melodrama and perpetually unbelievably high stakes that made this show so — yes, cheesy, but also — great.

2. Emily And Aaron's Kiss

Emily and Aaron had more chemistry than Bill Nye, and it is a damn shame that these two didn't get to share more than one kiss. I like to think that if the show had lived longer, they might have wound up together in the end. Maybe that's why they had that random talk in Aaron's office during the finale, in order to give the audience some kind of closure for the epic romance that could have been. It would have been better if they had thrown down on the desk and made passionate love, but I guess I'll have to take what was given.

3. The Time Hannah Wells Was Bleeding To Death And STILL Carried Out Her Mission


Oh, Hannah Wells. I'm not sure I'm ready to live in a world that Hannah Wells isn't saving. The time she got hit by a car while investigating Patrick Lloyd, and Chuck stuck her wound together with super glue because he couldn't take her to the hospital, and she STILL carried out the rest of her mission and saved the world, well, that pretty much locked her into the most Badass Female Characters Ever column for me. Also the time she was trapped in a shipping container on a barge in international waters and managed to escape. Legend.

4. The Time Kirkman Survived His Own Assassination


If the sight of Kirkman standing at his own hospital window after his surgery and waving down at his concerned fellow citizens didn't bring a tear to your eye, well, I wouldn't have been able to tell because I was welling up so much myself. This moment perfectly emulated the sentimental, relentlessly hopeful spirit of the show. Of course Kirkman would pull through — there's nothing he wouldn't do to help the American people.

5. His Staff/Fan Club

Who doesn't want to imagine that the government is actually being run by a diverse group of intelligent, charming 30-somethings? Aaron, Emily, Seth, Andrea, and Lyor all took turns supplying the light-hearted banter that kept the more dramatic parts of the show from becoming unbearable. I never really understood the whole Seth and Emily relationship when the Aaron thing was still so unresolved, but whatever. They all loved President Kirkman completely and he had a borderline paternal affection for them, too (which is maybe kind of weird for a president and his staff, but in this case it was adorable).

5. Anytime It Looked Like Things Were Going South And Kirkman Solved It With A Heartwarming Speech

What must it be like to have a president who always, always, always says the right thing? The show writers used Kirkman's magic speechifying skills as a solution to so many problems. Who doesn't like hearing that the president is unflinchingly dedicated to telling the truth? Even if he is just a fictional president.

Kirkman's term and the show may be over — but these moments will live on forever.