These Details About Ariana Grande's Pet Pig Are So Cute, You'll Probably Squeal

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Ariana Grande is a pop music queen, so it makes sense that her newest pet is treated like royalty, too. Earlier this week, Grande posted an Instagram showing off her new perfume called Cloud, but fans spotted something much more interesting than the fragrance: a crib in the background. And though there was brief panic — OMG, did this mean there's a baby?! — the crib is actually where the singer's mini pig curls up for bed. Yep, Grande's pet Piggy Smallz sleeps in a baby crib. Could she get any more adorable?

In the Instagram photo Grande posted on Thursday, you can spot a small red crib with a heat lamp over it very conspicuously in the background. Of course, fans were freaking out in the comments: After all, cribs usually mean babies. And technically, so does this one. Even Katy Perry panicked about it, commenting: "WHAT ARE YOU COOKING IN THE CRIB."

Grande, who is amazing at trolling her fans, replied to one comment: “My secret child duh.” But quickly took it back, not to send everyone into fits of hysteria and revealed, "That’s piggy smalls’ play pen in the background the red is to keep ha warm.” Even though Piggy Smallz is not a human baby, Grande is raising her like one, and she’s spoiled already. Honestly, Piggy deserves it.

Grande and Davidson got their little baby pig a few weeks ago, causing squeals of delight and jealousy from fans across the world. On Sept. 15 the mini pig appeared in Grande's Instagram Stories, looking like a tiny little angel, cuddled up to Grande and sleeping on her bed. It was a joyous occasion.

Appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Sept. 27, Davidson answered the many mini pig questions Meyers had for him — like, why? And how? Apparently, even Davidson is fuzzy on how exactly Piggy Smallz appeared: "[Ariana] was like 'I want a pig' and then an hour later it was just there. You know what I mean?" he told Meyers. "I'm still trying to get a Propecia refill for the last two weeks and this chick got a pig in a f*king hour." What Grande wants, Grande gets. And that includes farm animals.

Ariana Grande/Instagram Story

Davidson is rollin' with it, though. He's already commemorated their new four-legged child by getting an absolutely adorable tattoo of Piggy Smallz, fittingly near a Winnie the Pooh tattoo. He has more than 50 tattoos total, as he told Meyers, so it makes sense his newest curly-tailed child would get inked on him.

Getting any pet together is a big relationship milestone, and getting a pig together just goes above and beyond. Is it a little ridiculous? Sure — but in a great way. And Grande and Davidson are the complete opposite of a conventional couple: It almost wouldn't make sense for their intense, whirlwind romance if they got a cat.

Ariana Grande/Instagram Story

Piggy Smallz is the newest member of their family, and the three of them seem so happy together in their huge, apparently unfurnished apartment in Manhattan. In fact, it looks like Piggy Smallz' crib is one of very few items of furniture that they have. But she deserves the best. And so does Ariana Grande — if a mini pig is going to bring her joy in an otherwise dark year, then why not? She deserves all the sweetener she can get in her life.