Lady Gaga's Coachella Set Will Be One-Of-A-Kind

by Mathew Jedeikin
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

As Lady Gaga prepares for her headlining performance at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California, her long-time visual director is revealing details about Gaga's performance to People magazine. The singer, who absolutely killed it during the Super Bowl Halftime Show, was added to Coachella's roster after Beyoncé had to cancel due to doctors' orders related to her pregnancy. In what many are calling a historic performance — Coachella hasn't had solo female headliner since Bjork 10 full years ago — Gaga is set to deliver a high-energy, Coachella-only exclusive set.

"When we work together, we just try to make everything different depending on the venue," Gaga’s choreographer and visual director since 2007, Richy Jackson, told People. "So this is going to be about making a great performance for Coachella that will live at Coachella and be for Coachella and about Coachella." Wait, so the performance will literally be about Coachella? Although I can't quite wrap my brain around that one, it sounds pretty epic.

On Friday, April 14, Gaga shared photos of herself rehearsing via Twitter, and unfortunately she didn't reveal too much. I guess it's all about keeping things hush, hush to maintain the element of surprise. Although I can understand, as someone who isn't going to Coachella, I definitely wouldn't have minded a video clip of Gaga rehearsing "Bad Romance."

"This is sort of like a little Coachella-exclusive," Jackson explained to People. "That’s the way I would look at it. It’s going to be high-energy and fun. But it’s done for this show, for this venue." So basically, don't expect the set Gaga performs at Coachella to be the same as her upcoming Joanne World Tour.

Anyone else suddenly have to urge to fly to SoCal to see Gaga's Coachella-exclusive show? Fortunately, you don't have to physically be at the festival in order to watch Gaga perform. Coachella has a YouTube channel with numerous live video feeds, so log on tonight at 11:20 p.m. PT to check out her set.