Arian From ‘Queer Eye’ Took A HUGE Life Step After His Fab Five Makeover


Jonathan, Karamo, Tan, Antoni, and Bobby returned to Netflix on June 15 with Queer Eye Season 2, making over a whole new season of endearing and fashion-impaired heroes. In Episode 6, the gang meets Arian (who goes by Ari), a 24-year old recent college "graduate," who, as it turns out, tells the Fab Five that he hadn't actually officially graduated from college at all. Obviously, the new episodes were filmed a couple of months before this season premiered, so has Arian from Queer Eye graduated for real yet?

Kind of like Joe Gallois from Season 1 (remember the comedian who lived with his parents?), Ari is a little lost. When the guys meet him, he's just managed to move from his parents' house into an apartment with a friend, he's no longer on the path that he thought he saw for himself: graduation, and everything that comes along after it. He needs to guys to help bring out his confidence so that he can be more proactive in getting what he wants out of life.

Ari is sitting at home playing video games, when the Queer Eye guys arrive on the scene. He tells the guys that he's just graduated from college with his friends — kind of a silly move, since his friend, Cyrus, who signed him up for the show, already filled the Fab Five in on the the true story. Arian did get to walk with his classmates in the official commencement ceremony, but he says that he hasn't yet received his diploma. Eventually, Arian confesses to the gang that he failed one class and won't be able to receive his degree until he completes it. They convince him to come clean to his mom and go back to school.

Fans will be happy to know that yes, it appears that Arian did finally get his degree. According to his profile on MeritPages.com, he finally graduated from Georgia State University in Fall 2017. According to what appears to be Arian's Facebook, he majored in computer information systems.

And it would seem he's wasted no time putting his hard work and diploma to use, as both his Facebook and his LinkedIn also mention that he's just started a job as a project delivery analyst at Deloitte Consulting in Atlanta. Way to go, Ari!

Watching Arian's episode is particularly touching for any 20-something whose college or post-college experience didn't turn out exactly the way they — or their parents — had planned. It's easy to understand why Arian just wanted to hide in his house and play video games, rather than face the fact that he felt directionless.

But as usual, the Fab Five illuminate the fact that it's important to take responsibility for your own life, and that lying about your accomplishments and avoiding your stumbles isn't really going to make you happy. The tough love tactic they decide to employ seems to really work for Arian, and it's pretty inspiring to watch.

As if redesigning and decorating Arian's whole living space isn't enough, Bobby also took the time to do chores with Arian, and then drops this truth nugget on everyone: "He needs to take some of that smarts and really apply himself," Bobby tells the camera. "Because we all have shortcomings. We all make mistakes. We aren't always in a place that we're happy being, but at the end of the day, it's not what you say, it's what you do."

Bobby doesn't usually say much, since being in charge of redoing homes from top to bottom is pretty time consuming, but he pretty much hit the nail right on the head this time.