Caelynn & Connor's 'BiP' Relationship Happened So Fast, Fans Think They'd Already Met

John Fleenor/ABC

To say that Caelynn has had a tough time finding love on Bachelor in Paradise would be an understatement. First, there was all the Blake drama. Then she had a nice date with Mike, which ended up leading nowhere for some reason. And finally, Dean arrived to make her fall head over heels only to later dump her on her birthday (that's right — her birthday.) However, based on her recent chemistry with Connor S., things could finally be starting to turn around. But did Caelynn and Connor know each other before BiP? Their instant connection and easy conversation left some fans wondering if they'd met before.

From what can be discerned from social media, it doesn't appear that the two ever hung out prior to the show — or if they did, they didn't publicize it. However, they more than likely at least knew about one another, considering how far they both went on their respective seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. The franchise has always been a pretty tight-knit group; that's how they've all become friends (and apparently begun meeting up at Stagecoach). But it makes sense that if you know you're going to be on Bachelor in Paradise, you'd familiarize yourself with who might be there. And based on Caelynn's language upon seeing Connor, it came across more like she was interested in getting to know him, but had yet to do so outside of the show.

After all, cast members for this season have been very candid about who they have and haven't met prior to filming. So if Caelynn and Connor met before, you'd think it would've been brought up or mentioned already.

It's hard to say then what it was that made their connection so instantaneous, but both of them seemed aware of it too, making them hopeful for the future. "I feel like with us, it's just kind of natural," Connor told Caelynn during Tuesday night's episode. "It definitely makes me excited about this." Caelynn responded by admitting, "I've never been on the same page since I've been here. I definitely do [feel like we're on the same page]."

So could all of the drama finally be over for Caelynn? Not quite. The promo for the upcoming Week 5 shows that Dean will return to Paradise sans-mustache, likely in an attempt to woo Caelynn back.

You'd think Caelynn wouldn't be all that eager to jump back into the arms of the guy who, again, dumped her on her birthday. But she did have a really strong relationship with Dean, and the only issue was that he wasn't looking for something as serious as her. If he's had a change of heart, she could give him a second chance.

Connor, on the other hand, is a newer connection, but one with a lot of potential. She could decide to stick with the guy who knows what he wants rather than Dean, who has a history of being indecisive on the show. Either way, at least the ball will be in Caelynn's court this time around.