Jax’s Temper Could Get Him Fired On ‘Vanderpump’ & It Honestly Wouldn’t Be The Worst Thing

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jax Taylor may not have his life together yet, but he’s one of the tentpoles of Vanderpump Rules. An OG cast member, he’s a part of the DNA of the reality series, but fans may have to get used to not seeing Jax’s face on their screens weekly anymore. Did Jax get fired from SUR on Vanderpump Rules? His latest tantrum seems to have been the last straw for Lisa Vanderpump.

Of course, getting fired from SUR doesn’t mean you can’t be on Vanderpump Rules — Kristen Doute was fired in the middle of the show’s run, and even though she no longer is employed by Lisa, she still makes many an appearance on Bravo on Monday nights. It just makes her integration a little bit harder, because so much of the action of the show happens in and around SUR. So if you’re not there, there’s a good chance you may not be featured.

In previews for the April 9 episode, Jax hits the roof. He's working an event at SUR (it looks like James’ See You Next Tuesday party), and he’s ranting and raving and yelling about the fact that Adam, the new bartender, may have a crush on Brittany, that his friends suck, that everyone is a curse word, etc. Finally, Lisa tells him to GTFO with that attitude. Boy, bye!

But did Lisa mean “get out of here” like for the night, until Jax calmed down, or like, forever? Well, it’s hard to say. Jax doesn’t post a lot about what nights he’s working at SUR, but he really never did — his Instagram is just cool parties and bachelor getaways and the like. Jax isn’t posting about work, but he, like most people, doesn’t post about work to begin with, so it’s not really a sign that he’s been fired. It’s just a sign that he doesn’t find his job interesting enough to blast it to his followers, which I am thankful for — it’s not like it would be particularly interesting to watch him bartend.

This isn’t the first time that Jax has teetered on the edge of leaving SUR. Just a few weeks ago, he told Brittany that a friend at the Tampa Bay Lightning had a potential (and potentially fake) job for him doing marketing and social media for the hockey team, and that they would have to relocate to Tampa in order for that to happen. Brittany wasn’t thrilled — which, of course — because Jax was mostly like, “We’re gonna move to Florida,' instead of, “Hey, baby, this is a great opportunity, so can we talk about this?” But that opportunity doesn't seem to have panned out, because Jax and Brittany are still living in Los Angeles, according to their respective social feeds. Brittany still works at SUR as a SURver, and it all goes ‘round and ‘round. And, oh, that job was real, because Brittany said so on Watch What Happens Live. "The job offer was a real thing because I know the person who he was talking to," she explained. "I know that it was real; I just didn't know what the job entailed." A likely story.

Honestly, Jax getting fired from SUR could really be the kick in the pants that he needs to make a change in his life. Moving could be the catalyst to ignite something new for him — Jax has been a bartender at SUR for a long time, and he’s not even a good bartender. Remember when he smashed glass into all of their ice? Or that nice, long segment the producers aired in Vanderpump Rules Season 6 of all the times Jax messed up someone’s drink? Jax doesn’t have his plans for a next step yet, not like Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval do with Tom Tom, their new restaurant with Lisa. Getting fired could be a fresh start for Jax. And if Lisa does go as far as canning him, he should just embrace it.