How Holly & Kat Knew Each Other Before 'Big Brother'

Monty Brinton/CBS

Knowing that someone has your back in the Big Brother house is a huge advantage. That's why it would be such a big deal if Holly and Kat were friends before Big Brother 21. Having that established history could help them in the game, which is part of the reason the house got so scared when Michie told Jack that Holly and Kat knew each other. Michie said, "Kat, who has known Holly for a while … [they were] friends outside of the house."

It freaked Jack and everyone out to the point that they almost evicted Kat last minute so Holly wouldn't have an old friend sitting in Jury waiting to vote for her to win. In the end, though, Holly and Kat denied, denied, denied, and Kat stayed in the house. But while Holly and Kat may have convinced some people, others are still unsure. On Wednesday's Aug. 7 episode, Christie mentioned that she still thinks Holly and Kat know each other from before the show and that they knew Michie before as well.

The Michie connection seems less plausible, but there is proof that Kat and Holly knew each other before the game started. A few episodes ago, Kat revealed that they ran in the same circles. "We both are in the pageant world, we both do promo modeling," Kat said. "We don't exactly know each other, but our lives are very intertwined."

They've elaborated more about their friendship on the feeds, where Holly admitted in a conversation with Kat, "We do know each other." She then quickly quantified it, "Also hardly know. We have met. It's not like we are friends outside of the house." As Holly told it on the feeds, they had met a couple of times pre-show.

In another conversation, Holly mentioned that she and Kat have a lot of mutual friends in common. Plus, Holly is friends with Kat on Facebook.

Running in the same circles and meeting a couple of times doesn't automatically make you BB allies, but it is an advantage. In an unfamiliar environment where everything and everyone is new, having someone who you do know — even vaguely — is comforting. So it's not surprising that Holly and Kat ended up forming a Final 2 together.

What's funny about the Holly and Kat situation is that no one in the house knows Christie and Tommy have an even closer connection. Viewers learned in the first episode that Christie dated one of Tommy's family members for seven years, and the two have known each other for almost a decade. Unbeknownst to the rest of the houseguests, that bond has served them well in the game thus far.

So imagine when Holly, Kat, Michie, and Jack and everyone get home after Big Brother ends and learn that the potential scandal of Holly and Kat knowing each other didn't even compare to Christie and Tommy's secret. Knowing how the house reacted to Kat and Holly potentially being friends, Christie and Tommy need to be even more careful that their own pre-show relationship doesn't leak. That would be their one-way ticket to the Jury house for sure.