'CBB' Star Kirstie Alley Has History With John Travolta But It's Not What You Think

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The first contestant to enter this year's Celebrity Big Brother house was none other than '80s star Kirstie Alley. Although most people are busy fangirling over the Hollywood actress, some are wondering whether she ever had a romantic relationship with another world-famous actor. I'm talking about Danny Zuko himself, given the pair's cray on-screen chemistry. But did anything ever happen IRL? Did Kirstie Alley and John Travolta date?

Alley first hit TV screens as Rebecca Howe in American sitcom Cheers alongside the likes of Woody Harrelson and Kelsey rammer. But in 1989, she upped the ante by branching out into the world of film and starring in comedy Look Who's Talking. Her co-star was one Mr. Travolta; the man who caused women to swoon almost a decade earlier in Grease. Of course, any female and male co-star scenario tends to involve relationship rumours, so it was no surprise when some assumed something was going on between the pair.

However, on this occasion, it turns out that fans were right in thinking the chemistry here was genuine. Well, at least when it came to Alley, who hasn't exactly been quiet when it comes to her feelings regarding Travolta. In 2014, she told radio host Howard Stern that the now 64-year-old actor was the "greatest love of [her] life."

Hold your horses though because the pair never actually dated. In the same interview, the actress said that her marriage at the time to fellow actor Parker Stevenson prevented her from acting upon her feelings. "It took me years to not look at John as a romantic interest," she commented, adding that she and Travolta would have taken things further if no third party was involved.


Although the duo starred in the Look Who’s Talking sequel in 1990, a further spanner in the works came about when the actor married Kelly Preston in 1991. With both Alley and Travolta now married at this points, things clearly must have calmed down as they’re still firm friends to this day.

Well, yes, they did, but there was a little bump in the road at first. In the same interview, Alley said that Preston was a little wary of her in the beginning: “She would be like, ‘Are you flirting with my husband?’ And the answer was ‘Yes.’" I reached out to Preston's camp for comment on Alley's claims, however, her rep has not yet commented.

Describing the Grease star as "very handsome," Alley gushed about Travolta's "generous" personality. "If you ever talk to John, you will become the most interesting thing that he's ever met in his life," she said. "He so wants to know who you are, what you've done."


According to the Daily Mail, Travolta and Alley are still close thanks to a shared interest in Scientology. Alley joined the church in 1979 while Travolta was an earlier adopter, converting to Scientology in 1975.

Alley's current relationship status is unknown. She divorced from Stevenson in 1997 and told The Mirror that the worst person she could bump into in the Celebrity Big Brother house would be one of her exes.

I suspect that the actress is guaranteed to mention her celebrity friend at least a handful of times over the course of the series — especially if her interview with The Mirror is anything to go by. She told the paper that Travolta would be a perfect CBB contestant as he "gets on with everyone."

I'm praying that she convinced Travolta to make a guest appearance before she headed into the house. Only time will tell.