Kirstie Alley & SO Many Others Are On 'CBB' So Prepare To Be Glued To Your TV

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It's been one of Channel 5's best kept secrets, but the cat's now out of the bag; the Celebrity Big Brother confirmed line-up is finally here. All year, producers have been scouring the world to find the perfect housemates to keep us entertained this summer. They've been in talks with stars from the telly, from the pop world, and even from the States, pretty much everywhere, to try and find celebs that tick all the boxes. However, out of everyone they spoke to, just 14 were offered contracts to enter the house. But will they deliver?

Personally, I'm feeling pretty confident that this series is going to be epic. Channel 5, you deserve a firm pat on the back for putting this list together. Of course, attracting the kind of names they have has not come cheap. The broadcaster has had to cough up some pretty big cheques to secure the housemates. To date, the most CBB has ever had to pay out is $1 million (£810,000), and that was to Ray J, according to Digital Spy. The lowest paid was Andrew Brady, who entered the house earlier this year. He took home a cheque for £10,000 for his appearance fee — which is still a pretty tidy sum for three weeks' work if you ask me.

But now, without further ado, here are your Celebrity Big Brother summer 2018 housemates. Be nice...


Kirstie Alley

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Kirstie Alley was the first star to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house. The Look Who's Talking actress jetted in all the way from the States to take part.

"I'm really bad with names," she told host Emma Willis as she stepped out on stage. Revealing what we can expect from her, she laughed: "I stay in my pyjamas all day. Sometimes by night fall, I doll up and put on some heels."

Love it.


Ryan Thomas

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Next up, it was former Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas to enter the house. When he greeted Willis on stage, the star admitted he couldn't believe he was taking part in the show. "You can't describe it until you do something like," he explained. "I've always imagined it and now I'm here. I'm so nervous."

Thomas said he was hoping to enjoy the show and was walking into the house with an open mind.


Jermaine Pennant

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Jermaine Pennant was the third housemate to walk out on stage. The former Arsenal footballer admitted he has a bad boy reputation but told viewers they should not judge a book by its cover. "I want people to see the real me," he said.

The sports star described himself as funny and naughty, then insisted he has no bad habits that would annoy his fellow housemates.

Lucky them.


Chloe Ayling

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Chloe Ayling then entered the house. As she met with Willis, the model revealed she has never seen an episode of Big Brother before and lacks "any coping skills".

"I've never done anything like this before," she confessed. When asked what kind of housemate she will be, Ayling added: "I just want to be me; fun and down to Earth."


Rodrigo Alves

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It was Rodrigo Alves' turn to walk into the house next. He revealed that the show has been trying to get him to sign up for years, and finally, this series, he gave in.

As he walked into the house, Alves admitted he was nervous. He said: "I'm shaking, and I'm very exited at the same time."

However, he promised he would be the housemate to get the party started.


Dan Osborne

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Dan Osborne was the sixth housemate to be unveiled during the launch show. The former TOWIE star said he was "very happy" to be taking part as he wants to change the public's perception of him.

"I just want to be myself and let people judge me for me rather than what they see online," he said.


Gabby Allen

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Gabby Allen delighted Love Island fans everywhere when she then rocked up to the house.

The former Islander, who split from boyfriend Marcel Somerville earlier this year, explained she decided to take part in the show because she wants people to judge her as an individual rather than as one half of a couple.


Hardeep Singh Kohli

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Hardeep Singh Kohli was next up to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house. He admitted he was "over the moon" to have been given the opportunity to take part.

Kohli is a comedian and chef, and so is planning to make his housemates laugh and treat them to some great food. That's one way to get yourself some brownie points.


Ben Jardine

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Married At First Sight star Ben Jardine was the ninth celebrity to enter the house. He was full of energy when he walked out on stage. "I'm very excitable," he laughed. "I need to calm myself sometimes."

Jardine boasted that his party trick is that he can do the splits. I wonder how much that will impress the other celebs...


Roxanne Pallett

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Emmerdale star Roxanne Pallett then rocked up on stage. While fans were delighted to see her, she warned she would probably be an annoying housemate. "I even give myself a headache," she said, "but I'm going to be me and that's all I can be."

Pallett also warned there is a chance she could "unravel" in the house. She didn't explain what that meant exactly, however, she said we'd know what she meant when it happens.


Sally Morgan

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It was then TV psychic Sally Morgan's turn to enter the house. Before doing so, she told Willis that she would be more than happy to do readings for her fellow housemates, as long as long as they "have enough money."

When asked what she predicts for the series, she said: "Someone is definitely about to walk. Very quickly. Yeah, I think someone will walk."


Natalie Nunn

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Natalie Nunn certainly made the biggest entrance of the night. She introduced herself to Willis while wearing an actual crown. "The queen has arrived," she said. "I'm the queen of the UK now."

Could this symbol that she is about to become the queen of Big Brother? Only time will tell.


Nick Leeson

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Nick Leeson was the final celeb to walk into the Big Brother house. "I've had enough drama to last me a last time," he told host Willis after he stepped out on stage. "Life's full of experiences; some of them are good, some of them are bad. Hopefully this will be a good experience."

Leeson said he was going to go into the house to be himself and share his stories with the others. "Stories help people, so I'll do my best to do that. We'll see how it goes," he added.


What did I tell you? Epic line-up, right? I don't know about you, but I'm so here for Celebrity Big Brother 2018. Bring it on, Channel 5.