'Logan Lucky' Feels Ripped From The Headlines

by Allie Gemmill

Don't let the average Joes or the homegrown setting of Logan Lucky fool you: this film is pretty high on the fantastical elements. Just take the fact that one of the movie's characters, Joe Bang, breaks out of prison and is then put back in prison once he and the Logan brothers finish their heist. Considering the plot of this film seems to be the perfect combination of realist and comedic crime caper, it wouldn't be shocking if Logan Lucky really happened in actual life. But as it turns out, the events of this film, while seemingly ripped from the headlines, are totally fictional.

The made-for-the-big-screen story of Logan Lucky is as follows: West Virginian brothers Jimmy and Clyde Logan, who live under the constant shadow of some seriously bad luck, hatch a plan to rob a NASCAR speedway on the day of a major race that promises huge bets will be placed. Their plan involves using the tunnels under the speedway to infiltrate the vault where the money is being held and making off with in while the big race is going on. Pretty sound, right?

Except there's a whole band of merry rogues that are really just regular dudes with the barest amounts of knowledge required to pull this thing off, so everything gets pretty ham-fisted pretty quickly. It pays off to great comedic effect in the film, but as far as the story goes, the guys end up being the biggest obstacle in making their plan come off without a hitch.

Inept criminals are something of a fascination in American culture. For every brilliantly-executed plan and mastermind behind it, there's a half dozen daffy dudes hatching a hare-brained scheme in their bedroom. So, while the crime at the heart of Logan Lucky may not have happened, there certainly plenty of examples that could have served as inspiration for the film. Think small-time criminals who take photos with their stolen goods and post the photos to social media or the home invader who gets sidetracked by an urge to snack and just forgets to follow-through with his crime. It's both hilarious and head-smackingly weird and pure Americana.

As for Logan Lucky, this is one crime hatched by some truly hilarious small-time crooks that is worth watching unfold. Don't miss your chance to see this one.