Lucious & Giuliana Have A Past On 'Empire'

Chuck Hodes/FOX

I knew that when the beautiful Giuliana waltzed into the Lyons' den on Empire that she had some plans up her sleeve. Why bother killing your husband and strong-arming your way through New York’s criminal underbelly just to get Empire Enterprises some property in Vegas? What’s in it for me, you know? At the end of the April 12 episode, fans discover a connection that may have something to do with the outsider's interest in the family: Lucious and Giuliana have a past. Did Lucious and Giuliana date on Empire? She claims one of his most famous songs is about her.

That’s right. Giuliana hints that “You’re So Beautiful” is the song Lucious wrote just for her. Um, what? That’s been the song for Cookie since the show started, and I have some questions about this. Giuliana has wormed her way into the Lyons' business by using Andre as a pawn. She’s half-seduced him, killed to save his life, and taken advantage of some very specific and intimidating New York City mobsters in order to get Empire Enterprises a foothold in Las Vegas. Something clicks when Lucious tries to fire Andre after finding out about his plans to launch in Sin City. I just know that Lucious is trying to hide something, and I’m thinking that's his past with Giuliana. He looks like he's seeing a ghost when she rolls up into Angelo’s election night party.

So, the question is: when did these two get together? It had to be when Cookie was in prison, because she was locked up (for Lucious, I might add) for 17 years, and that is a really long time for a man like Lucious to be alone. Lucious needs constant love and validation, and he needed that from somewhere. Also, he thinks he needs to have a hot lady on his arm. That’s his M.O. Now, Lucious is about to get in trouble, because Cookie is going to want to know who Lucious was fooling around with while Cookie was in prison for him.

I'm sure Empire will eventually reveal just how Guiliana and Lucious know one another. And I’m gonna need some popcorn for this.