Mrs. Cooper May Be Hiding Something On 'Riverdale'

Katie Yu/The CW

I'm just gonna go ahead and say it: there's too much parent drama on Riverdale. I don't care about the South Side Serpents or whose mom is hooking up with whose dad, especially when there is a murderer on the loose. That said, did Betty and Polly's mom kill Jason on Riverdale? After Thursday's episode, I am suspicious of her involvement, but weirdly on her side.

All it took was for Alice Cooper to snarl "I think you know what I'm capable of" to her husband, and she bopped to the top of my murder list. What is she capable of, exactly? Murder? Body disposal? That's not a light threat.

However, in another way, this was a majorly redeeming episode for Alice. We know Polly clearly resents her parents for sending her away. They still have trouble saying the word "pregnant," preferring to refer to Polly's condition as a problem or a mistake instead. However, Alice did not know that Hal had scheduled an appointment for his daughter to get an abortion — another word that Alice couldn't bring herself to say out loud. Hal has forced this decision on Alice too, it seems.

Finally, Mrs. Cooper turned her confrontational attitude on someone who truly deserved it. It was Polly's father who truly didn't accept her relationship with Jason, and was willing to make it go away at any cost. He would rather have Polly terminate her pregnancy against her will and choice than have his daughter give birth to a Blossom. He's the one that doesn't want her back in the house. Yikes!

While Alice kicked Hal out of the house before she did "something drastic," (like murder, perhaps) Polly still moved in with Cheryl and the creepy gothic Blossom clan. Maybe the Coopers worked together to kill Jason, and this much needed rift between Alice and Hal will reveal all. The Cooper family is clearly not as Stepford as they appear on Riverdale, and I need details.