Polly & Jason's 'Riverdale' History Is Mysterious

by Lindsey Kupfer
Dean Buscher/The CW

We're only one episode into The CW's Archie show Riverdale and already there are so many mysteries and potential suspects surrounding the murder of Jason Blossom. One of the biggest mysteries of all is what happened between Jason Blossom and Polly Cooper. All we know about Polly right now is that she's in a group home after some type of nervous breakdown. The family seems to think that her mental issues came from her relationship with Jason, but as I've learned from several CW shows in the past, there's usually more to the story than we know. 

On the first episode of Riverdale, fans were led to believe that Jason Blossom disappeared on the 4th of July. His body was never found, so the family buried an empty casket. The town was attempting to move on and his sister Cheryl seemed not super concerned with what happened, to be honest. However, when Kevin and Moose were hooking up in the woods by the lake, Jason’s body washed up on shore. The episode ended super ominously with Jughead revealing that by fifth period the next day someone would be arrested in connection with Jason’s murder. Spooky, right? Between the weird relationships around Riverdale and the town murder, it seems that Polly and Jason’s relationship might end up being a super important plot point in the future. So we should probably start talking about what could have happened between them now. Here are my theories:

Polly Got Pregnant

Knowing how much Betty Cooper's mom hates anything less than perfect from Betty, it wouldn't seem super crazy if Polly got pregnant and Alice sent her away to have the baby. We don't know really know how long Polly has been gone, nor do we know the actual reason, so it’s definitely possible.

The Parents Came Between Them

Katie Yu/The CW

The Cooper parents and the Blossom parents could have had something to do with the destruction of their relationship. Alice Cooper seems like a conniving woman and if Jason’s parents are anything like Cheryl, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities.

Polly Killed Him

A vengeful ex escapes her group home and kills the guy who put her there. Yeah, seems pretty CW to me. However, it could be too obvious to suspect Polly of murdering him since we are led to believe there’s really bad blood between them.

Nothing Happened Between Them

Maybe they actually had a total normal relationship and that’s the twist. Honestly, I’m more inclined to believe that Alice is the reason Polly had a breakdown than Jason.

Jason Used Her

The CW

It seems simple, right? That’s what everyone is saying and seems like the most basic theory. She was super into him and he was just playing her. She had a mental breakdown and left.

Cheryl Blackmailed Her To Leave

We know from the first episode that Cheryl is conniving and has an abnormal relationship with her brother. If she thought Polly was getting too close to Jason, there’s a chance she blackmailed her into leaving town. Maybe Polly faked a mental breakdown to stop Cheryl with releasing some type of secret she had on her.

Whatever happened to Polly, she seems to be key to helping solve the murder of Jason Blossom.