Twitter Thinks Selena Gomez Might've Lip Synced At The AMAs & Fans Are Coming To Her Defense

by Marenah Dobin
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

All eyes were on Selena Gomez going into the 2017 AMAs. From the chatter that she reunited with ex Justin Bieber to the praise of her new blonde hair, everyone was watching her closely. But did Selena Gomez lip sync at the 2017 AMAs? Her performance of "Wolves" had some fans picking apart her lip movements.

Lip syncing at concerts and award shows has been an issue for fans for many years, and it does still happen pretty often. Sometimes, artists lip sync so that they can focus on all the other elements that go into a performance, like keeping up with dance choreography. Other times, the track is just backing vocals and the artist is still actually singing, albeit with some help. An artist may also lip sync if he or she is under the weather or is losing their voice, but still wants to come through by showing up.

Unfortunately, most of the time, any detection of lip syncing is not well-received by fans, and these days, people really go in and criticize artists via social media. Plenty of Twitter users put their upgraded two hundred eighty characters to good (?) use by discussing Selena Gomez's (alleged lack of) singing.

Before jumping into the plethora of comments, check out the performance to see what everyone is talking about and form your own opinion:

And now it's time for the tweets. People had some strong opinions and even some questions when it came to this performance.

Was She Singing With Her Mouth Closed?

It sure looked like her mouth was closed. Maybe she's actually a pop star/ ventriloquist? Would she ever admit it if she lip synced? That would be an interesting twist here.

Some Fans Do Not Care If She Lip Synced

Selenators love Selena Gomez no matter what she does. She has been through a lot this year. Should people just cut her a break, or should she have waited a bit longer before returning to the stage?

What Was Going On?

Sometimes artists lip sync for a smoother performance, but some of the viewers were not feeling what Gomez had to offer.

It Was A Stark Contrast To Lady Gaga's Performance

Thankfully Lady Gaga did her thing after Selena Gomez performed. The comparisons might have been brutal if Gaga belted out her vocals before that rendition of "Wolves."

Why Lip Sync If There Wasn't Dancing?

As great as it was to see Selena back on the stage, it was just a confusing performance to take in.

What Was The Point Of Lip Syncing?

Some people just couldn't get over the lip syncing in such a hyped up performance.

It's Not A Big Deal

Even though the performance had some suspicious vocals, it was still visually appealing. Selena's die-hard fans are sticking by her.

The "Hair In The Face" Look Did Not Help Her Case

Was Selena's hair in her face in an attempt to disguise the lip syncing? She was looking down an awful lot too.

Maybe She Wasn't Lip Syncing?

Could it have just been some "really loud back up vocals" that made it seem like Gomez was lip syncing? It is not likely, but it is possible.

Some Viewers Thought It Was "Obvious"

Apparently there is difference between good lip syncing and bad lip syncing.

Did She Just Stop Performing?

Did she just get tired of lip syncing midway through the performance?

Lip Syncing Is An Art

Well, maybe lip syncing is not an art, but clearly it does take some skill to pull it off effectively.

She Just Had Surgery

Should people just give her a break at this point? Lip syncing is far from the worst sin in the world.

So, did Selena lip sync? As of now, that has not been officially confirmed. Nevertheless, most people with eyes did not see her singing. But, will it even matter? After all, she's Selena Gomez and her loyal fans are going to love her no matter what.