Twitter Cannot Handle Selena Gomez’s New Blonde Hair

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If you're a celebrity, there are several sure-fire ways to break the Internet. Near the top of that list is making a drastic hair change, especially if you're a brunette going blonde. Case in point: Selena Gomez's blonde hair at the 2017 American Music Awards basically made social media blow up in a frenzy, just seconds after she stepped out on the red carpet.

While a majority of Selena Gomez's fans tuned in to the American Music Awards to see if she was going to bring her newly-reunited boyfriend Justin Bieber along, they could have never expected that the singer would instead make such a shocking hair reveal. Blonde locks?! Who would have thought?!

According to Instagram, Nine Zero One salon owners and celebrity stylists Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri were responsible for the drastic mane makeover. Stylist Marissa Marino also helped with the gorgeous cut and color. It's not clear why Selena Gomez decided to ditch her signature brown locks for a rooty, blonde bob, but what better time to show it off than at the American Music Awards where she is also scheduled to perform. What's more, fans are so, so, so here for it. Twitter users cannot stop expressing how much they love her new look.

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Paired with her all leather look — complete with zippers galore — and a simple stained red lip, Selena Gomez looks like a total badass babe on the red carpet. But don't fret — she's still the same sweet and smiley Selena Gomez we all know and love.

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Look at those pearly whites she's flashing to the cameras! Someone must be loving their new look.

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Fans love that she kept her roots a little exposed, giving it a little punk rock edge.

Earlier today, Selena Gomez took to social media sharing a photo of herself with a brunette bob and bangs. It did not look anything like her real locks, so many people wondered if it was a wig, and they were totally right. Much to their surprise, however, Gomez was hiding something extra special underneath.

Here's what else Twitter is saying about Gomez's brand new, white hot ~lewk~.

1. She Did That

Yas. She. Did.

2. So Fierce & So Beautiful

The most fierce look we've ever seen Selena Gomez rock.

3. #Flawless

The Internet is 100 percent with you, @LukeWaltham.

4. Tears Of Joy

We're not crying, you're crying.

5. The Best On The Internet

Maybe the best thing you'll see this year, to be honest.

6. Winner, Winner

Congratulations, Selena Gomez. You win.

7. Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun

So many trust issues happening right now.

8. Best Ever

Bow down to this badass queen.

9. Selena Is Everything

All of the heart emojis.

10. Goodbye Photoshop

Selena Gomez's Instagram "stans" have long been playing with Photoshop to switch her hair color to blonde. Now, they won't have to wonder what it would look like in real life!

11. The Happiest Ever

We couldn't agree more.

12. Killing It

Straight up killing it, SG!

13. Are You Real?

Are you real, Selena Gomez? Your fans want to know.

14. Not A Wig

Selena Gomez's blonde hair is even better than anyone could have ever imagined.

15. From Slaying To Seriously Slaying

She's on another level of slayage now.

16. Heart Melting

Fans cannot contain how cute her new look is.

17. The New Selena

Immediately after arriving on the red carpet, Selena Gomez shared a slew of new photos on her Instagram of her rocking her new rooty blonde look. The photos are mostly black and white which really makes her new hair color stand out.

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