Taylor Swift Returns To Social Media & Her First Post Has Fans Divided

By Mathew Jedeikin

After she deleted all of her social posts on Friday, Taylor Swift has returned to social media with a cryptic video that has left fans feeling both excited and confused. Wondering if the video is a tease of an upcoming announcement or something different all together, one topic fans are debating is whether the video Swift posted shows a snake or a dragon tale. It's hard to tell from watching the clip, but it probably won't be long before Swift elaborates on what she has in store.

But let's take a step back for a minute to examine some of the evidence and fan theories... Just a few days ago, on Aug. 18, Swift wiped her social media accounts clean, which many assumed was a sign that she had a big announcement to tease. Remember, these days just releasing a song or video isn't enough, artists have upped their promotional games in today's post Lemonade era. Naturally, many have already compared Swift's actions with Beyoncé's own marketing in the lead up to the release of Lemonade.

Stepping back a little further, remember how Instagram users flooded the comments on Swift's Instagram account with snake emojis after her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris went on a Twitter rant about her? According to Vanity Fair, the snake emoji comments became so intense after Kim Kardashian released footage of a conversation between Swift and Kanye West that Instagram reportedly removed them from all of her posts. So if the video is of a snake's tale perhaps Swift has decided to embrace and reclaim what it means to call someone a "snake." Check out the video below.

Some fans have wondered if the video isn't a snake's tale, but the tale of a dragon? Perhaps the video starts with a tease of a snake, but reveals a powerful dragon that's part of an upcoming music video? Or, maybe Swift is following in the footsteps of her friend Ed Sheeran and will be making a cameo on an episode of Game of Thrones? TBH, the GoT theory seems like a bit of a stretch, but you never know.

Although it's still not known what she's announcing, it seems pretty likely that Swift intends to make some sort of big announcement.

Another popular theory among fans is that Swift plans to release new music around the time that today's solar eclipse is a peak totality in New York City. Apparently, all of her Tumblr color schemes are space related, and Swifties are theorizing that her social media black out was meant to be symbolic of the eclipse.

So could we be getting new music from Swift as early as later today? Sadly, we'll all just have to wait and see.