These Fan Theories About Taylor Swift's Snake Video Explain EVERYTHING

by S. Atkinson
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images/Bustle

The award for the summer's most intriguing tweet definitely goes to the woman behind "Shake It Off." But these fan theories about Taylor Swift's snake video tweet suggest that the possibilities are endless — and, whatever this video means, we're likely to find the aftermath really damn entertaining. (Bustle has reached out to Swift for comment, but did not receive an immediate response.)

Clearly, the singer is coming out of hiding and wants the world to know. After Swift deleted every Instagram post, thousands of tweets, and her profile pictures across social media on Friday, August 18, fans knew something was afoot. As such, this snake tweet seems to confirm suspicions that Swift is about to release new music.

You see, we're in a post-Lemonade era where every artist has had to step up their game, and there's no guarantee that we're getting anything as straightforward as a new album (as opposed to video album, incredible VMA performance, livestream, or public collaboration with a former enemy). And, yes, the blurry, mysterious footage feels eerily similar to Beyoncé's own marketing for Lemonade. So, brace yourselves. There's every chance that we could be getting a new, experimental version of the "Shake It Off" singer. In any case, expect the unexpected with the following theories.


Taylor Is "Reclaiming" The Snake Emoji

Way back in summer 2016, Swift revealed that she had helped her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris pen the Rihanna banger "This Is What You Came For," and Harris bit back, accusing the singer of asking him to keep her involvement secret and arguing Swift and her team were going "so far out of their way to try and make ME look bad at this stage." According to Vanity Fair, Harris' fans began flooding Swift's social media accounts with the snake emoji, which intensified following the Kimye Swift Snapchat drama. So it feels pretty likely that, whatever the project is, the snake video will be addressing the issues that cropped up in summer 2016 and the public's perception of the star. After all, she's never been shy about taking inspiration from her own life before.


The Timing Actually Makes Complete Sense Because Of A Snake-Eclipse Connection

No, the musician isn't trying to eclipse a real life eclipse; it's thematically relevant.


There'll Be A VMAs Performance And It Will Be Historic

This isn't so unlikely — the Katy Perry part, at least. After all, Pop Crave noticed that, prior to unfollowing everyone on Twitter, Swift followed Perry.


The Snake Theme Would Be Deeper Than A Social Media Spat

Maybe this isn't about a clapback to the haters. Maybe this is Swift trying to prove to the world she's changed.


Or Conversely, Maybe She IS Clapping Back

Because what would be shadier than dropping shade when there's no sun?


Or Maybe It's Just About Embracing The Emoji She's Most Associated With

Which... wouldn't be a great look. Fingers crossed that this is more about personal transformation than locking horns with old enemies.


The Timing Of This Drop Could Calculated To Save The Nation's Eyesight

She's not a snake, she's a saint.


Whatever It Is, Katy Perry Is Involved

Or is it just a coincidence that Perry is teasing her new video for "Swish Swish" with the word that happens to be Swift's name in her "Bad Blood" video?


Could This Be Her Most Personal Album Yet?

It's easy to misread the signs and interpret the snake tail as an allusion to the drama of yesteryear. But perhaps this is just a Swift album about herself, with no other bit players.


But Maybe It's Not A Snake, Maybe It's A Dragon

If her good pal Ed Sheeran can do a Game Of Thrones cameo, why can't she?

Realistically, nobody will be certain until whatever project she's been readying for release drops. But until it does — it's so, so fun to speculate.