If You Didn’t Get An “I Voted” Sticker, One Twitter User Made “Garbage” Ones For You

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

So you did your civic duty and cast your vote in the 2018 midterm elections. But how do you tell the world about your important contribution to the very foundation of our political system if you don't have the one thing that tells everyone you've taken action on Nov. 6: your "I Voted" sticker?

Obviously it's not all about the sticker, but everyone knows the "I Voted" sticker is like the lollipop after the doctor's office. It's the reward for doing something that, honestly, can feel like a real root canal sometimes. And you feel darn proud for voting. But sometimes you don't end up getting that coveted sticker, whether the polling place is out of stickers, you voted absentee, or you forget to take one. So, if you missed out on your "I Voted" sticker, here's what you can do to make sure you get one, even if it's not, you know, the official sticker.

Gale Galligan, artist for the New York Times best-selling Baby-sitters Club graphic novels, will create a crappy custom "I Voted" sticker for you that you can print and tape to your shirt. "Did your polling place neglect to give you a sticker?" Galligan said on Twitter. "Reply here, and I'll sketch out a garbage one for you. Print it out, tape it to your shirt, you'll be good to go." Like this illustration of a dinosaur for a person who voted absentee:

Twitter users were happy to take Galligan up on the offer, particularly those who voted by mail or absentee. Others told Gale their polling places didn't have stickers or they simply didn't get a sticker when they voted.

Gale drew this very dapper dog with a cane for Twitter user Greg Andree, who voted early but didn't get a sticker, to prove he'd been to the polls:

This sticker for a person who voted absentee offers a little change from the usual by saying "somebody once voted" and has a Shrek-like character on a shield.

Gale also created an "I Voted" axolotl (misspelled as axovotl in the drawing), a "Heck yes; I voted" shark, and a furiously giggling "I Voted" monkey.

Or if you're very enthusiastic about voting, you could go with the drawing of a person shouting, "Hell yeah; I voted!" Honestly, this one should be a T-shirt.

"There's something very special and exciting about 'I Voted' stickers, and it's a huge bummer when my polling place doesn't have them!" Galligan told Mashable via email. "I was lucky this time, and thought it'd be fun to spread some of those good sticker-feelings around."

According to Mashable, Galligan's mother is an immigrant, so the right to vote is really important to her. And Galligan certainly seems to be providing a great service to voters across the country. Voters across the country posted their disappointment on social media about not being able to get their hands on "I Voted" stickers for a variety of reasons, Time reports. If you're one of them, maybe Galligan will whip up an "I Voted" doodle for you.