You Can Buy Disney's New Pizza & Pasta Sets For Your Kitchen Now

by Brittany Bennett

If you ever dreamed of having animated assistance in the kitchen — kind of like that scene in "Cinderella" when woodland creatures do the dishes — your heart's wish has come true. Kind of. Disney just released merch for pizza and pasta lovers which brings an element of magic to making dinner. I can't, unfortunately, promise that any blue birds will show up to chirp a song as they wash the pasta bowls for you.

Pizza and pasta are the prince charmings of gastronomy. Everybody loves them. Everybody wants a piece of them. Literally! And now, thanks to Disney Eat's just released pizza and pasta kitchen cookware and utensils, you can waltz around the kitchen with these charming dishes without any wicked stepmothers or evil witches getting in the way.

If you sometimes feel like making dinner is a chore, you'll be inspired to whip up pasta every night once the Mickey Mouse Colander is in your life. And you'll become a regular pizza dough maker once you're equipped with the Mickey Mouse Rolling Pin Set. Bippity boppity boo all your kitchen cookware and utensils into the Disney version of themselves. Your weekly pizza and pasta dinners are forever bound to feel more like a Cinderella-level ball.

Mickey Mouse Disney Eats Pasta Night Collection

You might want pasta night to be every night when you collect all the utensils available in Disney Eat's Pasta Night Collection. A fire engine red Mickey Mouse colander? Your kitchen will really ~penne-fit~ from that. Prices in this collection range from $14.95 to $26.95 and include a ladle and spoon set, a pasta spoon set, a serving bowl, colander, and Mickey Mouse shaped appetizer bowls.

Mickey Mouse Disney Eats Pizza Night Collection

Invite your besties over for a pizza night that doubles as a Disney movie marathon for the ultimate Mickey Mouse extravaganza. Instead of ordering in, this Disney Eats Pizza Night Collection will inspire you to make your own. And if you're going to really commit, you might as well shape your pepperoni into mouse ears. The prices in this collection range from $14.95 to $24.95 and include a pizza crisper, a pizza cutter, rolling pins, a cheese grater, and cheese and pepper shakers.

Mickey Mouse Pizza Cutter

Could a pizza cutter be any cuter? I think not. This is a must have in your adult kitchen for any respecting pizza lover.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cheese and Pepper Shaker Set

A pizza slice is not complete without a shake of parmesan cheese and red pepper! These cheese and pepper shakers will make sure it ~rains~ the accoutrements on a slice whether you baked it yourself or ordered in.

Mickey Mouse Colander

I've mentioned it before and I'll say it again: this eye catching colander will inspire many a pasta night. Plus, who can resist this homage to the timeless Mickey ears every time they're straining their pasta?

Mickey Mouse Rolling Pin Set

Roll out your pizza dough with this set of rolling pins. Even when you're not planning on making pizza, you can still use this Mickey Mouse riddled utensil for other things that need to be rolled out, like pie dough!

Disney has introduced us to some of the most iconic love stories. But it's apparent that the real fairytale here is between Disney Eats' new cookware and pizza and pasta lovers. The new pizza and pasta merch is available on shopDisney for all your cooking needs now!