You Can Buy Disney's New Wine Glasses Online — Here Are The 5 Cutest Ones


While there's plenty of excitement to keep you occupied in the daylight hours of the holidays, after a long day, it's nice to sit around a table surrounded by loved ones you don't get to see often otherwise. Plus, there's plenty to eat and drink. Often, holiday dinners aren't all that different from Thanksgiving dinner. A turkey or ham is the star of the show, with plenty of sides surrounding it. If your Christmas host is a Disney head, consider gifting one of these Disney wine glasses from shopDisney to help them liven up the dinner table.

Considering it's not super easy to get yourself to the parks, it makes sense you can snag some things online that will help bring the Magic Kingdom to your kitchen. While wine typically isn't the first thing to come to mind, don't mistakenly think the brand doesn't know its way around a vineyard. Every year, Disneyland Resort hosts the Epcot Food & Wine Festival, which showcases the region's best wining and dining offerings. Not to mention, there's the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon that happens each year around Thanksgiving. If you can get the drinks, look to this for inspiration about what to pour them in.

First on the list is the Mickey Mouse Icon Wine Glass. This simple, sophisticated design is so sleek, it looks like it could be used for the first toast at a Disney wedding reception. Owning a set of these shows people you're passionate about Disney, but know you're an adult so you need to keep some perspective. Nobody will judge you if you bring them out on special occasions, though. Note: there is also a Minnie Mouse version pictured below.

On the flip side, sometimes you want something loud and fun to hold your wine. Emblazoned with the pink facade of Minnie Mouse's ears, and golden balloons that read "YAY," this is a must-have for a bachelorette party, or just to have on days you want to celebrate yourself.

This Mickey Mouse Stemmed Wine Glass is the happy medium between subtle and loud. The detailing is minimal, but etched in black so it stands out from the translucent glass background.

The only glass to not pay homage to the world's most famous mice is this one, which instead gathers inspiration from the world's most famous princess. A nod to the moment in Cinderella when the clock strikes midnight and her gown reverts to rags, this stemless glass reads "Midnight Curfew."

The Minnie Mouse Icon Wine Glass is another refined offering. Its minimalist approach to design paired with a sleek and simple color palette makes for the perfect addition to someone's set of ~nice~ glasses. You know, like the ones you only bring out at parties, or holiday dinners. Catching on now, are you? The Minnie Mouse Icon Wine Glass complements the first item on this list, the Mickey Mouse Icon Wine Glass.

You can find all of the above on shopDisney, along with a ton of other Instagram-worthy kitchenware — you might want to hold onto your bank account a little tighter than Cindy held onto that slipper!