You Can Buy Stationery, Mugs, And More In Disney's New "College Must-Haves" Collection

by Brittany Bennett
Courtesy of shopDisney

You might think it's too early to go back-to-school shopping, but I disagree. It is always time to go back-to-school shopping. There is no better spree, no matter the time of year, than the one spent stocking up on pens, pencils and notebooks. And now that Disney launched a section for college students, dubbed "College Must-Haves" on the shopDisney website, back-to-school shopping has never been more magical.

You'll want to be a diligent note taker during Psych 101 when you're writing with a Peter Pan Pen Set. You'll look forward to studying from the Mickey Mouse Journal. You'll be equipped to pull that studying near all-nighter (get your rest!) with the Jack Skellington Mug and Spoon set. Disney isn't just for little kids. It's for the kids who grew into scholars. It's for the kids who grew up to be foodies with an enthusiasm for pizza and pasta. Disney is for anyone with an imagination.

The College Must-Haves from shopDisney remind us that while we pursue academia, good grades, and those second semester internships, that we — like Peter Pan — never really grow up. Your favorite Disney movies decorating your notebooks will help with that. The elaborate collection, which includes pen sets, notebooks, journals, mugs, and more is available online at

Haunted Mansion Wallpaper Backpack

The Haunted Mansion Wallpaper Backpack has enough room to hold all of your study materials so you can ~haunt~ the library until the witching hour.

Grumpy Mug - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Listen, we can all get grumpy about class and the loads of work that comes with that two hour seminar. The Grumpy Mug gets you. It feels you. And it encourages you to drink coffee in the morning and tea at night to settle into your semester.

Alice in Wonderland Pen Set

There are a lot of notes to take in college. Sure, you might be with the times and bring your computer to class to keep up with lecture, but, these pens may inspire you to scribble your notes. Whether you're using them through lessons or to organize to-do lists, the Alice in Wonderland Pen Set will find its place on your desk as you fall into the rabbit hole of work.

Mickey Mouse Journal with Sticky Notes

You'll need some sort of journal for your collegiate studies. Whether it's to doodle in, scribble to-do lists in, or take actual notes in during lecture is up to you. Whatever you write in it, you'll rest assured that you'll never lose this fire-engine red journal. Not even between the tower of text books that have somehow compiled on top of your desk.

Spend the rest of summer frolicking through the school supplies aisles at your favorite stores and adding all of these College Must-Haves from shopDisney to your cart. Fan through your new journals, catching whiffs of a fresh new school year like the blank pages are a bouquet of flowers. The magic of Disney now extends to academia. Get your study on!