Disney's New Rain Gear For Grownups Is So Cute You'll Want Every Piece


Typically in summer, I wish for sunny day after sunny day. I want everyday to be a potential opportunity to grace the beach. I want the sun to beam so hard that I need to sport a baseball cap and SPF. But blue skies can give way to grey skies this season, because Disney's new rain gear is so cute it makes me want to wish upon a star for constant rain showers. All so we can jump in puddles and show off our new umbrellas.

You won't dread the wet weather if you're prepared with these stylish new items from Disney. This is basically great news for weather reporters everywhere who are tired of being blamed for sporadic rain storms. But really, it's better news for us and our wardrobes because these items are not only cute — they're also snack-inspired. And who doesn't want to splash around under a waterproof donut? I do.

The Mickey Mouse Donut Umbrella is that umbrella. If you're looking for a little bit of sweetness to get you through a storm, just look up at your donut decorated umbrella. The umbrella is accented with the famous Mickey Mouse ears that are dressed in a splash of chocolate frosting and sprinkles. A clear center in the middle of the umbrella creates a donut ring effect. Catching rain drops on your tongue has never been so appetizing.

Bikinis and sundresses are essential to stock up on as the weather turns warmer, but don't forget a slicker to look, you know, ~slick~ in. The Disney Parks Rain Jacket for Women will keep your prettiest sun dress dry and your mood in tip-top shape. Because besides the utility of the rain jacket, this slicker features an allover icon print pattern that features beloved Disney characters and Disney Park snacks. Honestly, I'd rock Mickey Mouse pretzel and waffle icons all over, in any weather, all year round.

But these delectable snack-inspired products aren't exclusive to rainy weather. There are plenty of other Disney clothing options for your summer wardrobe that have nothing to do with impending rain storms. Take, for example, the Mickey and Minnie Mouse Avocado Baseball Cap for Adults. The pink cap features two embroidered avocados whose pits are Mickey and Minnie shaped. This is the kind of cap that's so cute it brings its own sunshine to the beach, to the ball game, the amusement park and beyond.

Disney has given us so much. We've been inspired by their stories of compassion and friendship. We've opened up our imagination through their worlds and gone off to create worlds of our own. And now it has bestowed upon us new weather gear that will make the rainy days ahead a little more magical.

Disney's new rain gear is available on their website, shopDisney, along with an assortment of other clothing and home wares. This year the sporadic summer storms ahead are going to look a lot more cinematic than usual.