These One Item Costumes Are A Super Easy Way To Hack Your Halloween

No one wants to be a Halloween costume wimp, but the truth is that the world of DIY is kind of big and scary. Thanks to long lists of supplies and intimidating tutorials, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the idea of doing anything but simply going to the costume store and choosing a pre-assembled costume. That's why I point you to these DIY costumes that you'll only need to buy one item to make. Did I just blow your mind? I hope so. After all, if you're only going to be wearing your Halloween look for a few hours, what's the point in investing all that time and money?

I know what you're thinking, though. You're still pining for the self-satisfaction that comes with packing a little extra creative punch. It feels pretty good to go to a Halloween party and know that you're the only one in the room who thought to represent your costume just the way you did — and the knowledge that you put some time and sweat equity into your costume doesn't hurt, either. But the glory of these one item costumes is that not only are they super easy to make, but they're so clever that you'l definitely still get props.

Choose any of these costumes as inspo and you'll be able to pull together a unique Oct. 31 look with the purchase of only one craft supply or clothing item. Everything else you should be able to find around the house!

Shower Loofah

Sparkle Tulle, $12, Amazon

To take the loofah out of the shower and into the Halloween streets, all you need is a roll of tulle in your favorite color. Bunch short pieces of the tulle together to capture the puffy effect of a loofah, then attach them to the elastic waistband of an old pair of sweatpants or stick them to an old shirt with hot glue.

Mary Poppins

Deluxe English Nanny Hat, $30, Amazon

Mary Poppins Returns is set to hit theaters in December 2018, but you can get a jump on dressing as the classic nanny character this year by purchasing just one item: this proper hat! You should be able to assemble other key elements of a Mary Poppins costume — umbrella, suitcase, red lipstick, scarf, simple white shirt, a spoonful of sugar — with items you already have around the house. Spit spot!

Party Animal

Giraffe Ears & Horns Headband, $11, Amazon

Elephant Headband, $6, Amazon

Fur Cat Headband, $3, Amazon

I know, I know — animal ears are kind of a gimme. But if you grab a set for yourself and show up to the Halloween party carrying an empty wine bottle and decked out in costume jewelry you already own, you'll have taken this Oct. 31 staple look in a brand new direction.

Little Red Riding Hood

Red Cloak, $17, Amazon

The name of this fairy tale character says it all. Pick up a red cloak or hooded cape and you're good to go! Get creative with the rest of the DIY version of this costume by pulling together the best red items in your closet. A basket that you already have on hand is another great addition.

Flight Attendant

Print Square Kerchief, $4, Amazon

Add this scarf to your favorite professional look (kitten heels optional!), bring a small rolling suitcase along for the ride, and suddenly you're ready to fly away as one of the most iconic members of every plane's core flight team.

Bubble Bath

Latex Balloons (White, 144-Pack), $16, Amazon

Use duct tape or hot glue to attach white balloons to an outfit that you're happy to part with. Grab the items from your actual bathtub to use as props for your bathtub costume. I recommend a shower cap, loofah, or shampoo bottle — or maybe all three!

Frida Kahlo

Flower Headband, $10, Amazon

You can embody the imposing presence of this striking artist in some of her best-known self portraits with nothing but a floral headband — we're talking big flowers here — and the right makeup. Brow pencil, anyone?

Gumball Machine

1-inch Pom Poms (Assorted Colors, 240 Pieces), $9, Amazon

Use hot glue to cover an old shirt in multi-colored pom poms. Voilá — gumball machine! People will be asking you if you have gum even more than they usually do.

Paper Doll

White Posterboard (25-Pack), $13, Amazon

Draw basic, oversized clothing shapes that are scaled properly for your body on white posterboard. Use a black marker to outline the edges, then use duct tape to attach the pieces to your clothes. You're most welcome for this blast from the past.


Pink Donut Inflatable, $13, Amazon

If you'll take a donut over a handful of Halloween candy any day, you might as well dress up as one this year. Order a donut inner tube and duct tape it to your shirt or carry it from party to party. Colorful makeup and nail polish will add to the rainbow sprinkles effect.


Poly-Fil Fiber (5-pound box), $15, Joann Fabrics

Winter is coming, and you can get ahead of it by channeling a snowy weather event. Use hot glue to stick tufts of polyester fiberfill to an old shirt and you're ready to brave the storm. Hot tip: if you're willing to grab an extra item for your DIY project, you can use pink spray paint on the Poly-Fil to turn this into a cotton candy costume. Yum!


Women's Gingham Long-Sleeve Shirt (Red), $21, Amazon

Bring a classic picnic blanket to life with a red and white gingham shirt. Stuff a basket or grocery bag with snacks from your pantry and you're ready to go!

Figure Skater

Patent Leather Booties, $48, Dolls Kill

The Winter Olympics are just around the corner. Pair these white patent leather booties (which can easily pass for skates from far away) with a favorite dress from your closet.

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